The Newport Harbor High No. 1 doubles team of Garrett Byers, left, and Sean Perrier are the Daily Pilot High School Athletes of the Week. (Don Leach, Daily Pilot / April 2, 2014)

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Earlier this week, an Edison High tennis player asked Newport Harbor seniors Sean Perrier and Garrett Byers if they were twins.

Perrier and Byers play No. 1 doubles together for the Sailors. They both stand 5-foot-11. But twins?

"I don't think we look alike," Byers said.

Still, they say that you become like who you spend the most time with. And Perrier and Byers definitely have spent a lot of time together over the past four years.

They have grown up together in the Newport Harbor tennis program. Ever since midway through freshman year, they have been a doubles team. They won the junior varsity league doubles title as freshmen, and have just kept building. Their sophomore year, they played at No. 2 doubles. The last two years, they have been the Sailors' No. 1 doubles team and team captains.

And their friendship off the court has gotten stronger and stronger.

"Garrett's my best friend," Perrier said. "It's definitely nice playing with your best friend."

Opposing teams probably don't feel the same way. Perrier and Byers have almost always ended up on the winning end this year for the Sailors.

Their teamwork on the court is more apparent than ever. In the past, frustration might seep in after a tough point or game, but not now.

"We've just gotten stronger mentally," Byers said. "Now it's just us and the game. We're not playing in our own heads, we're playing in the heads of the people that we play."

The Daily Pilot Athletes of the Week are 30-3 this year for the Sailors, who have their best team in years. Newport Harbor is 9-2, and 2-1 in the Sunset League. The record doesn't include tournaments, and the Sailors captured the four-team Lightning Invitational last weekend at The Tennis Club Newport Beach.

Perrier and Byers went 3-0 in the tournament in doubles, earning doubles MVP honors. They were proud of the showing, especially after Newport Harbor beat Crean Lutheran, a team that handed the Sailors their only nonleague loss earlier this year.

The Sailors' No. 1 tandem beat Sage Hill and Crean Lutheran teams by scores of 6-4 and got past Tesoro, 6-2.

"They're completely tapping out at their full potential this year," Newport Harbor Coach Kristen Case said. "They're the most confident I've ever seen them ... They're focused on the court but also just having fun. They really enjoy competing."

Perrier and Byers are behind a lot of the Sailors' success this year. So is junior No. 1 singles player Reese Stalder, who is 25-0 and is all the way up to No. 7 in Southern California in the boys' 18s. And the Sailors' other team captain, junior David Schaefer, has played well with his partner Phillip Vu.

Then there is the rowdy influence that senior football players Eddie Nolan and Garrett Hall, as well as former boys' volleyball player Peirce Ward, have brought to the squad.

"We have a new energy," Byers said. "Tennis, most players are used to quiet relaxation. Having them inspires everyone to be more rowdy. It makes it more fun. It makes everyone play better, and it makes the [opponent] play a lot worse. I think having that is really key to why we're doing so well this year.

"Tennis players are, I think, not used to being mentally strong enough to deal with that. This year, we don't get down as much because we're beating each other up every day [in practice], talking smack across the net and stuff. We're used to it, and other teams aren't."

The home crowds have gotten a lot bigger. Everyone likes a winner, especially a team that wins in style.

"This has been the most hype the school has had with tennis," Perrier said. "The people that show up to home matches here, it's the kind of stuff I dreamed about my sophomore and junior year. Even when we played some of the huge teams, we would have bogus crowds. This year, we're playing the lower-end teams and we still have an amazing crowd. It's crazy. It's awesome. It's like it's real this year. We're just a really great team."