Sam Mikulak, a Corona del Mar High alum, finished third at the Visa Men's Senior U.S. Championships.

Sam Mikulak, a Corona del Mar High alum, finished third at the Visa Men's Senior U.S. Championships. (Courtesy of the University of Michigan / June 21, 2012)

Answer: Right now, it's in a complicated kind of a stage. Maybe things will change a little later.

Question: What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Answer: I'm still a young gymnast [19 years old]. I want to try for the 2016 Olympics. I'm trying to see where my degree [psychology] will take me and see how it opens up. I want to end up back in Cali. Maybe do some acting. I enjoy stuff like that.

Question: Do you have any nicknames?

Answer: Chris Brooks on the national team gave me one. He calls me, "Hollywood."

Question: What's your training been like leading up to the Olympic Trials?

Answer: It's been consistent for the past month. Just a bunch of rehab and I go to the gym. Some days I do all the routines, some days I do half. At Michigan, their facility is amazing.

Question: Why did you choose Michigan?

Answer: Michigan was the school that stood out in academics. The team, facility and coaches they were more than what I expected. They had everything to offer me. It's just been a great time for me. It's just going great right now. I just finished my sophomore year. I'm studying psychology. I live in a house with some teammates. It's all about the grill on Sundays. We try to get as tan as we can. We try to keep it like SoCal as close as possible.

Question: What are your thoughts on the U.S. men's team and the Olympics?

Answer: This is a great group and the youngest group of contenders for the Olympic team that they've had in a long time. There's me, John Orozco (19, who won the national championships), Danell Leyva (20) and Jake Dalton (20). I think it's going to be good for years to come. We're such a young team. This could be the beginning of a dynasty. A bunch of good gymnasts won't make the Olympic team.

Question: What are your chances of making the team?

Answer: They take five for the team. In the past, they would take 6. They are cutting it down and it makes it harder.

I'm ranked third in all-around. But they don't take the top guys in all-around. Sometimes they want someone for a specific skill. My chances are looking pretty good. I just have to go out and do just as good I did at Visas or better and I think that would make it very difficult on them to leave me off the team.

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