At one hole, I saw Gary Monahan serving drinks. At the tee for hole No. 2, representatives from Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop were serving sangria. Two gentlemen from a cigar shop, Mursuli, offered to roll a cigar.

Ben Veling, 19, put on his gorilla suit to scare people. But I heard he was flirting with some hula girls and sometimes dancing.

There were other restaurants there, plenty of food and drinks.

"This is the 6,000-calorie round of golf," Jim Righeimer said.

The Costa Mesa Mayor said he had a great time at the golf tournament, but it didn't look like he played. He was definitely there to support the event.

"I like the fact that the whole community gets together; everyone is working for one cause," he said. "They are raising money for the youth."

Righeimer said new facilities at Costa Mesa schools help the community grow and can build strength in the athletic programs.

Tom Hatch, the Costa Mesa CEO, concurred. His daughter, Courtney, attends Costa Mesa High, where she is a cheerleader and is involved with the drama program and Associated Student Body.

"I'm a big Costa Mesa High School guy," Hatch said. "My heart and soul is at Costa Mesa High School. But the collaboration with Estancia is good, competitive fun. Working together, we're uplifting those schools. There's a good buzz and a good feeling of accomplishment. We can point to all the good things that are happening in those schools and you can credit programs like Costa Mesa United."

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