About two weeks ago, CdM guard Max Stone drained eight three-pointers in a game. I asked Schachter afterward if any player during his time with the Sea Kings had made more in a game.

He offered up Ramon Mejia, believing the guard made nine threes in a Division III-A playoff game three seasons ago. I remembered that night, and after a little research, Mejia hit eight threes in the Sea Kings' 67-48 rout of Santa Barbara San Marcos in the second round.

What's more impressive is that Mejia hit six of eight threes in the fourth quarter and finished with 28 points.

Stone never got a chance to add to this eight threes because Schachter sat him the entire fourth quarter against Beckman. Stone, who finished with 30 points, watched as the Sea Kings were on their way to a 79-37 blowout.

All this talk about Manti Te'o and his fake girlfriend had me thinking about how much he might drop in this year's NFL Draft because of his involvement in the hoax.

I'm hoping he goes dead last, so I can cover him during Irrelevant Week here in Newport Beach this summer. Te'o's pseudo girlfriend would be the ideal Miss Irrelevant.


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