Mike Whitehead

Mike Whitehead
Host of No. 1 boating radio talk show, "Boathouse Radio Show"

From the Boathouse: Lido Boat Show is back with a treat

Ahoy and the Lido Boat Show is back.

From the Boathouse: Coast Guard makes big strides in its 225 years

Ahoy, and happy birthday to the U.S. Coast Guard.

From the Boathouse: Get your license to turn the wheel

Ahoy! Boater's licensing is official in California!

From the Boathouse: Not the worst of winter in SoCal

Ahoy! It might be time to winterize your condo on the water!

From the Boathouse: Using muscle to fight invasive mussels

Ahoy, and do not give invasive mussels a free ride!

From the Boathouse: An exciting Flight by any name

Ahoy and the Flight of the Lasers in Newport Harbor!