Ah, Christmas arrives on Wednesday, and I cannot wait to see what presents Santa Claus will leave under the boat's masthead.

The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce is giving everyone an early gift with the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, which cruises Newport Harbor for five nights starting Dec. 18th and wraps up with a fireworks finale on the 22nd after the parade at 9 p.m.

However, back to Christmas Day. The weather Wednesday along the our coast will be very pleasant with partly cloudy skies. The daytime temperatures will reach the high 60s to low 70s, and a light breeze will blow across the waters. I predict that the night sky will be crystal clear, with the evening temperatures dipping only into the mid- to upper-50s, thus creating another beautiful Christmas Day in Southern California.

Once again, my updated annual Christmas poem as I weigh anchor for Christmas:


'Twas the Day Before Christmas Upon Orange County's Harbor

'Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the harbor

You could see a few boats sailing on the water

And sea lions were hauled out on jetty entrance rocks

With the harbor buoy's bell clanging with each passing swell.

The fish were happy as no hooks were around

And the sea birds were eating, being fed by a shore crowd.

When all of sudden there arose such a clatter

The mermaids swam in to see what was the matter.

The sea lions dove into the water

And the boats sailed away from all the splatter.

When shore crowd looked out to see such a sight

But the birds just continued eating without a matter.

All of a sudden but who should appear