Costa Mesa resident Bob Tetreault is thankful for his kids, Brian and Natalie. (Bob Tetreault / March 20, 2013)

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Daily Pilot asked readers what are they thankful for. Below are their edited answers.

As Thanksgiving approaches, what I am thankful for this year? Let me share and express my thanks:

•I was breathing and, in general, feeling pretty healthy.

•My wife gave me a kiss this morning and told me she loved me.

•Both of my children have great jobs and are safe and well.

•I am a citizen of a great nation, and I get to vote every year on how to make it better.

•A good friend called last Friday and invited me to go out to lunch. (I have a friend.)

•My home is safe, warm, secure and paid for.

•Today I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Many people won't get meals today.)

•I got an email from a former student of mine recommending me to do consulting work for his company.

•I just successfully completed a consulting project involving the search, recruitment and placement of a vice president of operations for a client of mine.

•I am working from my own home office. President Obama works from the White House, whereas I work from the Brown House.

I realize how rich I really am, and I am truly thankful for all that I have.

Al Morelli

Costa Mesa


My neighborhood is rife with blessings: my cordial neighbors of diverse backgrounds; the school soccer field down the street around which we walk every evening; the tree silhouettes there, backlit by sunsets or moonlight.

I am thankful for and proud of my gainfully employed son, who grew up here. And how lucky to be married to a man who takes the time to drive us to a wilder place like Crystal Cove to see a white-tailed Kite sitting on a tall shrub, the shimmering Pacific Ocean, a mother with her polka-dot-skirted girls. Daily thanksgiving for life on Earth.

Teresa Cullen