Englebrecht outlines issues more concisely than the others and doesn't make outlandish claims.

He's the only one running who doesn't sound like a politician, though I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing for him.


Scott Peotter, District 6

Campaign consultant: Dave Ellis

The use of video makes this site the most entertaining, but he's another one who continues to call the dock fees taxes. If you're going to be a council member, at least get the official terminology correct.

He also rails about the cost of City Hall and the fire pit debate. Am I the only one who finds these two subjects old news and tiring?


Mike Toerge, District 6

Campaign Consultant: Scott Hart

Toerge uses the same website format as Dixon, making the sites look strangely similar.

Like Brown, his "Issues" page gives only background on the JWA settlement agreement, Newport Harbor, upper Newport Bay and ecological preserve and the Oasis Senior Center.

If he has any creative thinking, now would be the time to post it.


Interestingly enough, on July 16, campaign consultant Ellis became a candidate himself.

He filed to run for the Municipal Water District of Orange County, Division 5, against Jose Vergara, according to the Orange County registrar of voter's site.

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