Marshall 'Duffy' Duffield, District 3

Campaign consultant: Dave Ellis

Though there's a lot of information about Duffield's successful entrepreneurial career, his "Issues" page has only three items: revitalizing the harbor, paying down the city's debt and restoring respectful dialogue at council meetings.

On the harbor issue, he suggests the city should have its own dredging equipment but doesn't address the cost.

Duffield also believes the city's surplus funds should be used to decrease debt. Not a bad idea, though I doubt he'd have the council votes to support it.

Respectful dialogue at council meetings isn't a major campaign issue, and there are far more important things to focus on.


Timothy Brown, District 4

Campaign consultant: Scott Hart

This site clearly gives the impression that Brown is part of the current council establishment in his thinking.

His "Issues" page includes history about the John Wayne Airport settlement agreement and notes the importance of protecting the upper Newport Bay and ecological preserve, public safety and reinvestment in Newport Beach, but offers no creative solutions or ideas.


Kevin Muldoon, District 4

Campaign consultant: Dave Ellis

This site seems to be just for fundraising. It lists Muldoon's work history, but his "Issues" page is blank.


Roy Englebrecht, District 4

Campaign consultant: None

Despite not having a campaign consultant, he has probably one of the best websites for disseminating information and creating a picture of a candidate.