Many thanks for the column on food myths ("All About Food: Adhering to these food myths? Stop," May 20).

I am so happy that it corrected wrong and expensive food advice given to a gullible public by so many sources that are misguided or avaricious. As a registered dietitian, I have been amazed over the years by the books, ads and advice of self-described experts who dish out erroneous recommendations.

Mary H. Furnas

Corona del Mar


This is what works – eat less

I really enjoyed the food myth column.

I too have done a lot of research and found a massive amount of conflicting data. It's no wonder people are confused about food.

Having battled obesity all my life, I've decided to settle down and just do the math: Increase activity (not necessarily a marathon, but doing leg lifts and crunches while watching TV instead of sitting passively), eat less while at a restaurant (rule of thumb: one half of whatever is served) and don't deny myself a treat now and then, focusing on reasonable portion sizes.

It's working. Slowly but surely.

Myths like listen to your cravings appeal to what people want to hear. I see so many people go on diets and, sadly, many of them are suffering from iodine and iron deficiencies and other ailments.

I hope people take to heart the information in the column. It is really hard to accept a new belief and to realize that you're been played for a sucker with all these diets and myths, but once you accept reality, it's a whole new world.

Tracy Miller

Huntington Beach


Why plans for so many apartments?

What's with all the huge apartment complexes being built in Costa Mesa? Did a bill pass the House in Washington, D.C., providing low-cost funding for all these massive places?

And now our City Council wants to turn motels into more apartments. Who is reaping the profits from these deals? Granted Harbor Boulevard is one of the ugliest streets known to man — a hodgepodge of everything. It can't even be called quaint.

My home was built before the motel in question. I hope this doesn't give the majority on the council the idea to condemn it in order to extend the drive-through at Starbucks.

Ardy Hurst