People love to gossip. After all, a little "dish" now and then keeps things interesting.

And when it comes to Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, there's no shortage of political speculation making the rounds.

I thought I'd have some fun and explore two topics — one in each city — currently hot on people's lips.

First up is Newport Beach, where City Council candidate Joe Stapleton is said to have his eye on being appointed to Councilman Keith Curry's seat, should Curry get elected to the Assembly in November and resign.

Stapleton dropped out of the council race in March after making a bid for Councilman Mike Henn's termed-out seat.

Chatter is that Stapleton's planning to move out of Henn's district and into Curry's, allowing him to qualify for the appointment.

What does Stapleton say about all this?

"That's awesome! All that really is a rumor," he says. "I think it's great that people are still talking about me."

He told me he's happy to be out of the race and hasn't talked to anyone on the current council about replacing Curry.

Stapleton says these days he's devoting his time to work and his duties on the Harbor Commission and Chamber of Commerce.

He's also planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him and says they may be moving.

"My girlfriend and I are planning to share a life together, and we're starting to discuss it and explore different parts of the city," Stapleton said.

Is he done with politics?

Not yet.

He says he "remains passionate about the community."

There's lots of "ifs" here.

I wouldn't be surprised if Stapleton's new home happens to be in Curry's district. And if Curry does resign, I bet Stapleton's name will be among those vying to replace him.

Curry, by the way, told me he won't be able to vote on anyone to replace him anyway, so this is of no consequence to him.

Newport Chamber of Commerce President Steve Rosansky said he would back Stapleton if Curry's seat opened up but hasn't been involved in the effort to draft Stapleton for a council appointment.

"I supported him when he was running, and if he was living in the district I would continue to support him, but I'm not the motivator," he told me.