Inge Scott, right, one of the organizers of "Billionaires for Romney," demonstrates across the street from the Balboa Bay Club, as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney hosts a fundraiser, in Newport Beach Friday, June 1. (KEVIN CHANG, Daily Pilot / June 1, 2012)

On Friday, a very large and truly historic event took place here in Newport Beach. But you would never know it from reading the Daily Pilot the next morning ("Visit has satire, support," June 2).

The Romney Victory Committee, made up of many Newport Beach residents, that night raised more than $3 million — the single largest political fundraising event in Orange County history. Indeed, it was one of the largest fundraisers in the nation and more than double what President Obama raised here last month ("Obama visit rattles CdM," Feb. 17).

More than 500 people packed the largest ballroom of the Balboa Bay Club to hear former Gov. Mitt Romney, the man we hope will be the next president of the United States. Many of those people had sacrificed to pay a substantial sum to be present because they are deeply concerned about the future of our country and the profound damage being done to it by the Obama administration.

They heard Romney speak of his vision for America, and of the need to change the failed and destructive course of the last four years by restoring fiscal discipline, to reduce the size of government in Washington, to rebuild our military and our alliances and to promote entrepreneurship and personal responsibility. The huge crowd loudly and repeatedly cheered his remarks and left feeling hopeful about our future under President Romney following his victory in November.

None of this was reported in the Daily Pilot. Instead, the Daily Pilot focused its coverage almost entirely on a small handful of clowns — literally — who stood on West Coast Highway waiving inane signs promoting class warfare and yelling their desire to preserve the Obama status quo — a pseudo-socialist, government-centered society, rapidly heading the way of Greece. Rarely have 1st Amendment rights been exercised for such vapid and ideologically bankrupt purposes; yet to the Daily Pilot, their drivel was Page One, top of the fold, news.

I hope next time your reporters will not be so easily distracted from covering the most significant event of the day in our city.

Dan Livingston

Newport Beach


City Hall color choices

As you drive toward the ocean on MacArthur Boulevard and crest the hill at San Joaquin Hills Road, with Fashion Island on the right, and you drive past San Miguel Drive, our family has always loved the distant view of the Pacific Ocean. It is a breathtaking scene, even after all of these years. One's eyes are just naturally drawn to the azure of the Pacific as you look across the township of Corona del Mar, with the palm trees silhouetted so nicely. In the distance lies Catalina Island. We always comment on how we get to "live in paradise."

Of course, that was before the city of Newport Beach began to build our new Civic Center along the west side of MacArthur. So, now, as if the new buildings aren't enough visual distraction, one's eyes are drawn to the neon lime green accent colors of the concrete shear walls jutting above the new parking structure. The distraction of the color happens every time, just have to look at the parking structure, instead of the natural beauty on the horizon. Yuck.

Really? Is there no other color that might be more compatible with the natural serenity of the scene? Perhaps in a sea blue tone? It is just a shame that the view is distracted by this color choice.

Dewain E. Campbell

Newport Beach


How to create jobs

As a serial entrepreneur who has created hundreds and hundreds of jobs over my career, I'm going to share with you a fact that might prove a bit shocking to some.

Entrepreneurs don't start companies to create jobs. Rather, they start companies to make money. And gain a measure of freedom. And have some fun not usually afforded those who toil endlessly for "the man." And if they are successful, job creation results. It is nothing but a byproduct. And the greater an entrepreneur's success, the more jobs are created.

That's why it's so amusing to watch the back-and-forth between President Obama, a man who has never so much as operated a lemonade stand, and candidate Mitt Romney, whose business successes have fostered the creation of literally tens of thousands of jobs.