Commentary: Bacall, Bogart and the Daily Pilot columnist

The recent death of Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall triggered for most people memories of her film and Broadway roles, her sultry looks and throaty voice, and her 12-year marriage to film star Humphrey Bogart.

Mailbag: Why the lack of commitment on global warming?

Kudos to the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce and the excellent moderator Lucy Dunn for putting on the forum for eight candidates vying for four City Council seats in the Nov. 4 election.

Commentary: War on drugs is driving immigrant children north

There is a strong parallel between what is happening on our southern border with the large numbers of unaccompanied immigrant children crossing or attempting to cross into our country and what happened at the beginning of World War II.

Commentary: Multiple choices in race would benefit the electorate

Sue Lester's commentary, "A thinner field of candidates would benefit us all," (Aug. 7), has left me concerned. I don't need others to make my decisions.

Commentary: Newport gets kudos for water conservation but must do more

Remarkably, Newport Beach's water use between 2007 and 2013 was reduced an admirable 29% from 257 gallons per day per person to 190 gallons per day.

Mailbag: Let people know what they mean to you

Mailbag: Let people know what they mean to you

Since Robin Williams' death, we have been enlightened by his family, friends and co-workers to what kind of human being he was.

Commentary: Mariner's Mile project requires council advocacy

Mariner's Mile is a place we have all enjoyed for years. The beautiful spot on Coast Highway offers food, drink and merchandise. But why has it been so neglected by the current City Council?

Editorial: Veterans deserve an O.C. resting place

Orange County veterans deserve a final resting place closer to home. This is why we support a bill winding its way through the state Assembly that would establish a veterans cemetery at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine.

Commentary: Setting the record straight on toll lanes

Much has been written recently about the Caltrans proposal to require tolls on the new lane improvements to the 405 Freeway, and not all of it has been accurate, so I want to set the record straight.

Commentary: I am the dependable conservative in Assembly race

What does a campaign pledge mean to a candidate who has already broken a previous campaign pledge?

Mailbag: Grand jury report gets it wrong on JWA

Those of us who are affected by John Wayne Airport's noise and air pollution thank Supervisor John Moorlach for his recent critical comments regarding an Orange County Grand Jury report on the facility.

Mailbag: Costa Mesa city leaders are overspending

About eight years ago, I had a conversation with a Costa Mesa maintenance worker. Not a man in a suit, but someone who actually worked for a living.

Mailbag: Young helicopter pilot is flying high

Re. "A different kind of driver's test," (Aug. 8): Don't you just love it when a young person not only finds something he or she is passionate about but is also pursuing something that...

Commentary: This is what we meant by 'cronyism' in ballot argument

In his commentary, "Proposed ballot argument falsely claims 'cronyism,'" Planning Commissioner Tim Sesler argues that a sentence in the ballot argument against the proposed city charter...

Commentary: Common Core puts U.S. on the path to mediocrity

Women's garments labeled one size fits all, generally a dress or blouse, bear more resemblance to a tent on slender women than to a stylish frock. It's an illustration that we are all not the same but different, and have different needs. The same principle applies to education.

Commentary: Pact with employees will save Costa Mesa millions

During our two City Council meetings in September, the public will get to weigh in on the merits of a labor agreement that our general employees recently ratified. After that, the City Council will vote on whether to approve it.

Commentary: Irvine can't be trusted with Great Park

South Orange County residents have witnessed probably the largest bait-and-switch of their lifetimes.

Commentary: Charter proposal would not give Costa Mesa 'home rule'

Commentaries from Aug. 2 and 3 on the newly proposed charter initiative in Costa Mesa demand a reply.

Commentary: A thinner field of candidates would benefit us all

Friday is the final day for City Council candidates to file papers to qualify for the November 2014 election.

Commentary: Developing Fairview Park is wrong for many reasons

The City Council-appointed committee tasked with looking into new uses for Fairview Park will meet Wednesday to decide whether to make Fairview a better nature park than it already is or pave over Costa Mesa's last bit of undeveloped open space.

Mailbag: How about a compromise for Fairview Park?

Re: "Is It Time For Athletic Fields at Fairview?" (July 31):

Commentary: Stop the 405 toll-lane money grab

Here we go again. Critics successfully convinced the Orange County Transportation Authority to shelve the 405 toll-lanes proposal, but now Caltrans is backing the idea and hopes to use Orange County sales tax revenue to tax us even more.

Commentary: Proposed pot regulation clouded in smoke

I confess. I smoked pot a few times when I was in college.

Commentary: I was moved by his 'vulnerability and courage'

If you ever wind up on the streets of Costa Mesa, one of the first things you learn is that people around you die younger than average — mostly before their time — and that tragedy waits around every corner. I first learned this lesson when I met a stranger at Taco Bell in the summer...

Commentary: Proposed ballot argument falsely claims 'cronyism'

Costa Mesa's Charter Committee is made up of our city's finest and most-respected residents. These volunteers devoted significant time to carefully considering a charter and then drafting one that they honestly believed would best serve our city.

Commentary: Charter would give Costa Mesa 'home rule'

A federal grand jury has just accused state Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) of racketeering and being part of organized crime and gun-running.

Commentary: Look at the miracles taking place on the Westside

To witness the spirit of Costa Mesa, check out Shalimar Park on the Westside, the site of three little miracles.

Editorial: What happened to Orange County's Great Park?

The name of the park, and the original ambition, were great. But in the 12 years since Orange County voters decided they would rather have a public park on the site of the old El Toro Marine base than a large civilian airport, the size and scope of the Great Park have shrunk, along with public faith...

Editorial: Yellow Alert system deserves green light

A proposed piece of state legislation that would allow the use of digital signs on freeways to broadcast information about vehicles involved in deadly hit-and-run accidents got a big boost recently when the Los Angeles City Council gave the bill its support.

Commentary: Life in the time of grief and the kindness of strangers

A few months ago, my grandmother passed away. It was a slow, agonizing end, one of those things that began with a trip to the hospital and became progressively worse as the months wore on. In some ways, she knew that once she went in, she would not be coming out. In some ways, we did too.

Mailbag: COIN should have been kept out of charter

I have read "County COIN proposal hits roadblock," in the July 19 Daily Pilot, and the article explained two important things that cause concerns about the proposed Costa Mesa city charter.

Commentary: Please comment on bicycle master plan

Until July 30, residents of Newport Beach have the chance to have their voices heard regarding an activity that is exploding in popularity in our city: bicycling.

Commentary: Peninsula is finally seeing improvement; let's keep the momentum going

Nobody's yet singing "Happy Days Are Here Again," but after many years of seeing city economic development resources and efforts directed elsewhere, residents and business owners on the Balboa Peninsula now have reason to at least whistle an upbeat tune.

Commentary: I am committed to stopping 405 toll lanes

What will voters decide when it comes to the impending decisions about taxing and tolling today's totally tapped-out drivers?

Mailbag: West Newport is much improved

As a longtime resident of West Newport, I just wanted to say how great it is to see all the improvements going on in our end of town.

Commentary: Charter will let Costa Mesa better govern itself

Re. "Commentary: Proposed charter comes with great risk. Benefits? Unknown," July 15:

Mailbag: City Council work requires compensation

Re. "Council should forgo stipends, benefits," July 8: Council members need to continue receiving modest stipends and benefits.

Commentary: Ending homelessness requires a multipronged approach

I have been a Costa Mesa resident for eight years. My wife and I purchased a home here because we fell in love with Costa Mesa's character.

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