Commentary: Lack of air conditioning is unacceptable

The Newport-Mesa Unified School District is simply not doing enough. Since school began, the average temperature has been suffocating.

Commentary: The real housewives of Orange County shop at Target

The gasp that came out my mouth scared a few people at Shirley's Bagels on a recent morning when I read your headline: ," (Sept. 11).

Reader Report: Lessons of surviving brain cancer

Reader Report: Lessons of surviving brain cancer

It is not often you hear success stories associated with brain cancer. I am so proud and honored to be able to share such a story with you about a local hero who just happens to be my mother.

Reader Report: Max von Strobel had the right idea for creating O.C.

Reader Report: Max von Strobel had the right idea for creating O.C.

The official date of Orange County's incorporation is Aug. 1, 1889. If you dig deeper, you'll discover it could have happened nearly 20 years earlier.

Commentary: Coyote control is a concern throughout the region

I recently met with several concerned citizens in Huntington Beach who had contacted me about an increased presence of coyotes in their neighborhoods and told them I would work with them on the issue. Following that meeting, I attended a town hall meeting in Seal Beach about the same issue. There...

Commentary: City Hall is too management-heavy

The hiring binge by Costa Mesa's administrative staff that was begun several years ago appears to be accelerating, and it needs to be contained.

Commentary: Group's behavior belies stated mission

As a longtime Costa Mesa resident who possesses a degree of knowledge about planning issues, and who was involved in the Westside overlay process, I felt it would be instructive to hear what Costa Mesans for Responsible Government (CM4RG) had to say in these regards.

Mailbag: Weitzberg, Humphrey polled closely on name recognition, so why the comment?

I have read the Sept. 6 Pilot article "Genis clarifies Weitzberg comment and the Sept. 5 column "Venezia: Stirring up a CM4RG hornet's nest" and have some additional key points to make.

Commentary: Chuck Jones knew creativity could unlock the mind

Mom might have told you that cartoons will rot your brain, but Chuck Jones knew otherwise.

Commentary: Why Keith Curry is the right choice for Assembly

As a retired Assembly member and senator in the California Legislature, I know firsthand what it takes to be a successful legislator and the type of person who will be an effective leader in coastal Orange County. I know both candidates for the 74th Assembly District, and I urge you to support Keith...

Commentary: Prepayment of debt would trigger financial penalties

There is an old saying: "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

Mailbag: Measure Y would reduce traffic citywide

The general plan is Newport Beach's master plan. About every decade it needs updating and approval by voters to ensure that it reflects today's realities and remains effective at protecting our quality of life.

Commentary: Curry has the public, private experience to lead in office

The new state representatives we elect this November will have the opportunity to represent Orange County for the next 12 years.

Editorial: City should air Eastside debate

Costa Mesa City Hall recently decided not to broadcast the Oct. 2 political forum sponsored by the Eastside Costa Mesa Neighbors' Group. The city's election counsel had concerns about dedicating public funds and city staff time toward political events or activities.

Commentary: It's time for a change on the Costa Mesa City Council

Since moving here in 1975, I have never seen Costa Mesa this divided. More than ever, Costa Mesa voters need to think carefully before pulling the levers this election.

Mailbag: 9/11 serves as a reminder of who we are as a people

Thirteen years ago Thursday, we witnessed the worst terrorist attack ever performed on U.S. soil, losing nearly 3,000 innocent victims, many of them firefighters who rushed into disaster to help.

Commentary: Bluffs incident shows effectiveness of police unit

A city can offer stunning vistas, an array of things to see and do, playgrounds for its children and jobs for their parents. But if it doesn't offer the people who live and work there a feeling of safety and security, everything else is meaningless.

Reader Report: Stroke survivor gets back in the race

Reader Report: Stroke survivor gets back in the race

I recently completed my 10th competitive race at the American Heart Assn.'s Orange County Heart Run & Walk in Laguna Niguel.

Commentary: Crime-suppression team is having an effect

Over the last two budget cycles, the City Council has helped us re-create a dedicated Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) to work on specific crimes in Newport Beach.

Commentary: Candidate wrong about State of the Schools breakfast

I am writing in response to the commentary by Steve Smith, a former Daily Pilot columnist and candidate for the school board seat in Costa Mesa's Area 1 ("Commentary: State of the schools address...

Commentary: Payout to public affairs manager emblematic of bad business

Commentary: Payout to public affairs manager emblematic of bad business

On Sept. 6, Daily Pilot staff writer Bradley Zint reported on the payout to Costa Mesa's former public affairs manager, Dan Joyce ("Ex-city official to get $170,225").

Mailbag: Colleen Island project only benefits the developer

Mailbag: Colleen Island project only benefits the developer

What was made perfectly clear last week to all of us in the annexation area is that the Costa Mesa City Council majority believes its form of representative government is not supposed to work in the best interests of our 50-plus property owners.

Commentary: Requiring permit parking for Island Avenue residents is unfair

My family have been property owners on Island Avenue since my grandfather built our home in the early 1900s. Now Newport Beach is again revisiting the issue of parking permits on Island Avenue and other streets.

Mailbag: Civic openness? Only in the land of Orwell

In the Sept. 3 article "Costa Mesa council discusses proposed $24.7M employee contract", I...

Mailbag: Special Olympics are a boon to the area

Re: "Irvine to Play Host for 2015 Special Olympics," (Aug. 15): I was happily surprised to hear that the 2015 Special Olympic World Games are going to be held in Los Angeles.

Commentary: Use caution before signing political petitions

The other day I was pulling into a driveway and a petition-gatherer was there to greet me. The first thing he stated was, "Would you like to sign a petition to keep the marijuana cooperatives at least 1,000 feet from parks and schools?"

Commentary: Council districts won't improve representation

The state Supreme Court recently denied review of a ruling that requires charter cities to switch to district elections based on majority-minority representation.

Commentary: A city is more than business and politics — it must have heart

A particular sentence jumped out at me from "Capital in the Twenty-First Century," the bestselling book by the French economist Thomas Piketty.

Commentary: COIN ordinance is saving taxpayers money

At the last Costa Mesa City Council meeting, I was pleased to see savings of more than $1 million result from negotiations with employees. The transparency of COIN confirmed this success.

Commentary: State of the schools address should be free

President Obama delivers the State of the Union for free. Gov. Jerry Brown delivers the State of the State for free too.

Commentary: Believe in a broader use of statins

September is National Cholesterol Education Month, and it's time that people take the necessary steps to prevent and treat one of the main risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Mailbag: Council has not made clear what Measure Y is all about

I do not think that the Newport Beach City Council has been very fair in the way that it put Measure Y on the ballot.

Commentary: Property tax split would drive business from state

As the California Legislature adjourned for the year this past week, ominous clouds began to appear on the horizon, casting a shadow over the fiscal future of our state.

Commentary: Experience can help us survive the drought

The California drought is serious! The Washington Post proclaims the "West's historic drought stokes fears of water crisis." California passes laws threatening to fine people who abuse water use by washing down driveways, sidewalks and patios, and penalties may be imposed if a sprinkler system...

Commentary: Drones can help control coyote population

Paparazzi are utilizing aerial drones to invade the privacy of celebrities, and our state Legislature is considering legislation to address this matter.

Commentary: Protect the beach bonfire fellowship

Our Southern California beach bonfire rings continue to be endangered by the board of directors of the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Mailbag: Measure Y is not meant to the benefit residents

The ballot argument in favor of Measure Y claims, "For decades we've worked to preserve the quality and uniqueness of Newport Beach neighborhoods. Reducing traffic, limiting future growth, improving water quality, increasing property values, which requires continuous refinement of the city's...

Mailbag: That columnist who (may have) met Bacall was my father

William Lobdell's column reached me in Northern California and had me laughing out loud in delight ["Commentary: Bacall, Bogart and the Daily Pilot columnist," Aug. 21] He wrote about Lauren...

Commentary: How to stay safe in the weekend surf

The last days of summer are upon us, and as people try to eek out one last (or first) trip to the beach for the season, lifeguards are prepared for huge surf and large crowds.

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