Mailbag: Blogger's comment is not Page 1 news

Re. "Mayor asks blogger to apologize for Hitler reference," April 17:

Commentary: More than one way to approach Easter story

The Easter story is celebrated each year with such fanfare and splendor that one might think it was all just one big convincing event in the gospels. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If ever there was doubt about the Easter story, it did not begin with the Scientific Revolution, the Age of...

Commentary: Political correctness is weakening America

Abraham Lincoln presciently warned that America's greatest enemies lived within her own borders, not in some foreign land.

Commentary: Consider ideas at face value without regard to who's promoting them

When my older son — a kind and gentle soul — started out in sports, he had less than a killer instinct on the field.

Editorial: Reproductive services: the Hoag Hospital compact

Editorial: Reproductive services: the Hoag Hospital compact

When Hoag Hospital, which has facilities in Irvine and Newport Beach, announced it was establishing a partnership with St. Joseph Health System, community groups say they were promised that the hospital would continue to provide the same services it always had. But soon after — and not all...

Commentary: How PEPRA has changed the rules for recent hires

Editor's note: Attorneys John Stephens and Tim Sesler, two members of Costa Mesa's Pension Oversight Committee, asked the Daily Pilot to publish the panel's findings and recommendations. The committee put together a series of three articles that seek to explain and simplify the complex...

Commentary: Realignment is not good for communities

"The most dangerous social experiment of our generation."

Commentary: Despite deadly crash, such student trips are essential

Our hearts dropped when we heard the news. A bus carrying low-economic high school students to a college tour in Northern California collided with a truck on Interstate 5. As we waited for more details, we thought about our Save Our Youth (SOY) kids who we sent on a college tour up north during...

Commentary: Explaining the work of the Pension Oversight Committee

Editor's note: Attorneys John Stephens and Tim Sesler, two members of Costa Mesa's Pension Oversight Committee, asked the Daily Pilot to publish the panel's findings and recommendations. The committee put together a series of three articles, titled "Fast Facts," that seek to explain and...

Commentary: Let's help group homes be good neighbors

Among the top concerns when it comes the quality of life in Costa Mesa neighborhoods are the negative impacts created by operators and residents of some group homes. Excessive noise, traffic, large meetings and smoking are among the complaints received regularly by the city from neighbors.

Commentary: Tragedy requires us all to become first responders

Another killing at Ft. Hood, Texas, reminds us that these horrific acts of violence can occur anywhere, at any time, even on a secured Army post.

Editorial: Parents, vaccinate your kids

Guess what's back? Measles. Really, they are.

Mailbag: Self-absorption leads to distracted driving

We frequently read about the controversy between bikers and drivers as they struggle to share the road. I have the perspective from both sides of this controversy and have come to realize that bikers are not wrong, nor are drivers. People are the problem.

Mailbag: Blessing of cheating scandal? Early intervention

Show me a politician tangled up in corruption or a business person who has bent the rules, cooked the books, manipulated expense reports, fudged on production standards or otherwise buried the truth, and I will show you someone who cheated in school and got away with it.

Commentary: It's time to take action on immigration reform

House Republicans recently released standards for immigration reform. Their statement came as a breath of fresh air in a long wait for change.

Commentary: Killer whales deserve to swim free

Last month, Assemblyman Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) introduced a groundbreaking bill in regards to orcas, also known as killer whales, in captivity in California.

Commentary: A post-marathon indulgence

Last week, nine of my retired teacher pals lunched at a garden restaurant.

Commentary: Police make life in Newport possible

March 28's 43rd annual Police Appreciation Breakfast celebrated the concept that "city matters."

Commentary: Keep track of your numbers, live longer

Asking Siri to place calls for us has made memorizing our best friends' phone numbers unnecessary. But there are some numbers you can't get from your smartphone — numbers you should know by heart and for your heart.

Mailbag: Call CdM sports complex what it is, a stadium

The Newport-Mesa Unified School District wants to build a sports stadium with 1,000 seats, a synthetic turf field and a new track at Corona del Mar High School. An augmentation includes 1,500 stadium-style seats, field lights, a press box, snack bars and team rooms.

Mailbag: Government should not be run like a business

It was with some amusement that I recently read the letter to editor regarding the "doers" on the Costa Mesa City Council ("City Council now has some doers," March 26). M.H. Millard says, "Now we have...

Mailbag: Why the costly fight over a $5 sign?

The Daily Pilot reported that Steven Charles White, accused of tearing up a campaign sign before the 2012 election, had been acquitted after a jury trial ("Accused sign vandal is found not guilty,"...

Commentary: We must make youth part of the conversation

New Yorker magazine writer Tad Friend examined Costa Mesa's politics in September of 2011 and suggested that Costa Mesa was ground zero for the issues facing many cities in Orange County and across the country.

Commentary: It's time to reopen lane at Coast Highway, Dover

I am pro-resident and pro-traffic flow. There is only one road in Newport Beach that touches all seven districts. It's one of only two east-west roads across the bay.

Mailbag: The city is making the Westside better

Looks like the pre-election positioning is in full swing. Despite Mr. James Bridges' comments ("Commentary: Westside projects cater to the Yuppie types," March 26) on the housing improvements on...

Commentary: High-speed rail will meet future needs

I read the recent commentary about high-speed rail by Newport Beach City Councilman Keith Curry in my hometown newspaper, and I'd like to share my response ("Commentary: High-speed rail project is a...

Commentary: Reflecting on life, grief and enduring love

It's a wild morning, pouring rain. At high tide the southwest swell is rolling under the Newport Pier and washing through the dory market, carving out big chunks of beach with each wave.

Mailbag: New trash bins don't fit in yard or garage

I just read in the Daily Pilot that the Newport Beach City Council voted to require that the new trash bins be stored inside rather than in an alley as many residents have been doing ("City...

Commentary: Westside projects cater to the Yuppie types

Costa Mesa decision-makers have new plans for the Westside. Until recently, City Hall has quaintly compared our city with television's fictitious small town of Mayberry and proudly described us as an eclectic community.

Commentary: Position on police departures isn't logical

I recently read Tim Sesler's commentary, "Generous Pensions Drive CMPD Retirements" (March 17), and found it to be incomplete, inaccurate and reliant on flawed logic.

Commentary: As it turns out, I placed first in L.A.

Hit by crippling, heat-induced leg cramps at mile 20, I was certain that the First Place, L.A. Marathon title that I had promised Daily Pilot readers was out of the question.

Mailbag: Mixed messages on water conservation

I recently received an email showing a home water report from Newport Beach.

Commentary: Argument overlooks full crime data picture

I read Colin McCarthy's commentary "Statistics tell the truth about Costa Mesa crime rate" (March 17) with this question in mind: What does he want us to believe?

Commentary: Persian New Year celebrates 'renewal in nature'

If you look at March 20 on a calendar you may see written there "First Day of Spring."

Commentary: Hate is not the answer to Phelps' death

During our class on Mark's gospel last Sunday, I was reminded of Rudyard Kipling's description of the jackal. "Even the tiger runs and hides when little Tabaqui goes mad, for madness is the most disgraceful thing that can overtake a wild creature."

Commentary: High-speed rail project is a train wreck

As a financial advisor to governments, your job is to tell sometimes hard truths about the financial implications of public plans. Governments ignore these financial consequences at the peril of taxpayers and long-term financial health.

Mailbag: More like the 'Bermuda Triangle' of parking

I read with interest the story about the new bowling alley at The Triangle ("Alley owner hopes to pin down success," March 13).

Commentary: Community must fight to preserve Banning Ranch

The effort to preserve a uniquely situated piece of open space rages on as herons, egrets, owls and hawks hunt for prey on Banning Ranch.

Commentary: My walk across the marathon finish line

Race report: Saturday runners picked me up punctually at 4:15 a.m.

Commentary: Generous pensions drive CMPD retirements

Have you heard of Costa Mesa's scandal de jour? Since 2012, 26 of our police officers have left. Most have simply retired.

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