Mailbag: Moorlach helped preserve airport settlement agreement

Columnist Barbara Venezia ("Venezia: It looks like a sparring match between Moorlach and Wagner

Commentary: Going vegetarian, buying Fair Trade are starts

I was every father's worst nightmare. My dad had sent his little girl to college, and I'd come back a vegetarian.

Mailbag: What are the benefits of allowing jetpacks in the harbor?

As the Daily Pilot reported, the Newport Beach City Council met in a study session regarding future permits for jetpack operations in Newport Harbor ("Newport won't ban jetpacks in harbor, but...

Commentary: Newport officer helps grant a stranger's dying wish

It's easy to get weighed down by all the awful things people do to each other. Sometimes it seems like that's all we hear about.

Commentary: It's time for us to solve the peninsula's problems

On March 10, the Newport Beach City Council will hold a study session to discuss nuisance and crime problems on the Balboa Peninsula associated with the concentration of liquor licenses there.

Commentary: City has no need for a Fairview Park survey

I have read blogger Geoff West's Feb. 21 commentary, "Push for Fairview Park survey is just a ploy,

Mailbag: Rescuing sea lion pups interferes with natural selection

Re. "As more needy sea lions flood in, Marine Mammal Center gets help," (Feb. 26):

Commentary: Permit-parking ballot system is flawed

At a recent town hall meeting addressing the residential permit parking program planned for a seven-block area of the Balboa Peninsula, a moderator was asked how many residents live in the affected area. I was astonished when an answer couldn't be given.

Commentaries: Two points of view on online invective

Diplomacy would advance the digital debate

Commentary: Campaign hit pieces distort taxpayer-friendly record

One of the major reasons that good citizens do not run for public office is that they don't like the negativity seen in most campaigns. A more troubling concern is when the mudslinging is inaccurate.

Commentary: A Democratic option in the 37th District Senate race

I became fired up when I received my sample ballot in the mail and saw that we had only Republicans running in the special election for the 37th District. I joined the race as a write-in candidate because I want to give Democrats and all other voters a better choice for state Senate.

Commentary: No one will explain need for Balboa overlay

This post has been corrected, as noted below.

Commentary: Monitoring kids' online behavior could save their lives

Just last year, a 12-year-old male cheerleader in Northern California decided he had had enough of the taunts and bullying that had tormented him for years, and he took his own life.

Mailbag: Underground utilities are no panacea

Re. "Neighbors' votes could cost homeowners $20,000 apiece if underground utilities project is OK'd," (Feb. 14):

Commentary: Remembering the 'Jackie Robinson of Golf'

Charlie Sifford, an important figure in the world of professional golf, recently died at the age of 92. Just last November he was presented with the nation's highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by President Obama in a White House ceremony.

Commentary: Push for Fairview Park survey is just a ploy

Re: "Mayor wants survey on Fairview Park use," (Feb. 12):

Commentary: Embracing child birth as `part of nature'

Early in my career as an obstetrician, I was rigid in my thinking about the "right" way to deliver a baby.

Commentary: `Death is having a moment' in academia

We live everyday with the signs of death's inevitability: aging bodies, decaying buildings, dead flowers. The everyday-ness of death, or what sociologist Zygmunt Bauman calls "living with death," is always with us and, yet, also is somehow kept in the background as we go about our daily routines....

Commentary: Newport Beach showered us with friendship

When Lee and I celebrated our 10th year as residents of Newport Beach, someone asked what I liked best about living here.

Commentary: A survey can help us reach consensus on Fairview Park

Since June 2013, the nine-member Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee has met monthly to diligently study and make recommendations on a variety of issues related to the future of our city's natural crown jewel, Fairview Park.

Mailbag: The time before widespread vaccinations was devastating

Re. "Commentary: Not vaccinating is an act of selfishness," (Feb. 6):

Mailbag: Dock fees are a bargain compared to other options

Re. "Dock fee reduction on agenda for Newport Beach City Council," (Feb. 7):

Commentary: Not vaccinating is an act of selfishness

What began as a curious story of a small measles outbreak in, of all places, the so-called Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland, has stretched to more than 100 cases across several states and into Mexico.

Commentary: Personalized medicine offers huge promise

In the State of the Union address, President Obama emphasized the importance of medical treatments tailored to genetic and other characteristics of individual patients, otherwise known as personalized medicine.

Mailbag: Maintain the Westside's industrial character

Re: "Vintage car museum gets green light from Costa Mesa planners," (Jan. 27):

Commentary: Inspiring more children to be professors, engineers, scientists

As children, how much time did we spend staring at the moon? Or stomping in rain puddles? Or building intricate tracks for toy cars? Or going to the bank with our parents?

Mailbag: Attacks on Monahan are unfair

Re: "Costa Mesa police supporters plan rally on same day as 'wake'": Columnist Barbara Venezia seems to think Councilman Gary Monahan should know more about Jay Pinson than the police.

Commentary: Scholarship program is now enriching Mesa, Estancia students

Last year, I had the honor of sitting down and talking with Ronald Simon, one of our community's most successful entrepreneurs.

Commentary: Gaining context on Paris shooting from the streets of Morocco

I was in Morocco when the Paris attacks took place, prematurely tarnishing the optimism I had for 2015. Amid the sights and smells of Marrakesh — perhaps the most colorful city in the world, where you share the crowded streets with motor bikes that whiz by at lightning speed and donkeys...

Kind words exchanged — 50 years after the divorce

I went to see my ex-husband (E.H.) in the hospital Sunday. I've had as little interaction with him as possible since our divorce in 1965, considering that we share two children.

Commentary: Grand jury service is a noble act

Have you wondered how our county and city governments truly operate? How our jails are run? Are you interested in giving back and making a positive difference in your community?

Mailbag: Bunny issue indicative of oversight problem

Whether the sculptures of bunnies at the Civic Center stay or go will be debated. In the meantime, the bunnies point to a larger issue, namely an abdication of oversight and follow-through and lack of accountability by city staff and the previous City Council.

Commentary: 'Still Alice' is raising awareness about Alzheimer's disease

People often go to the movies to escape their problems. In the case of "Still Alice," many are flocking to the theaters to see their lives' biggest struggles writ large.

Commentary: New City Council is hardly revolutionary

It is always a joy to observe the new City Council members as they take office and embark on their various concepts of public service.

Commentary: Learning a life lesson in a church parking lot

"Yeah, somewhere in here it says something about people who haven't found God are the walking dead," the bearded homeless man said to a volumeter. "I think it means they have no sense of wholeness because you have not let God in yet."

Commentary: Oscar nods point to an old white boys club

I'm feeling a lot of the outrage since the announcement of the Academy Award nominations — namely, that all 20 lead and supporting nominees in the acting categories are white for only the second time in 14 years.

Mailbag: It's time to put the arts front and center

The art gallery on the Newport Beach campus of Coastline Community College provided a stunning backdrop for the Jan. 14 semi-annual meeting of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District Arts Commission.

Mailbag: The bunnies are nothing compared to the OCMA dog statue

I am astounded by the reaction to the statues of bunny rabbits at the City Hall park.

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