Commentary: Easter contains answers for all of life's struggles

I have a friend who is pretty tough when it comes to her opinions about Christians, partly because she grew up in a very repressive Christian tradition that justified all kinds of abuse and nonsense in the name of the Bible.

Commentary: The psychological conflict of consumerism

The last thing I wanted to do was get a new phone. I delayed it as long as I could.

Reader's Report: Park's Nowruz celebration was a joyous occasion

Reader's Report: Park's Nowruz celebration was a joyous occasion

Joy, laughter, friendship, love, peace and harmony were everywhere in the rose garden at Bill Barber Park in Irvine on March 22 during the Iranian New Year celebration Nowruz, the most-celebrated event of the Persian calendar dating back millennia.

Mailbag: Venezia's column captured Moorlach's election party

Thanks to columnist Barbara Venezia for her coverage of an event I so wanted to witness firsthand but was unable to attend ("Venezia: Moorlach's steady record of accomplishment," March...

Commentary: Cautious optimism urged in new peanut allergy research

For years, parents have heeded this advice from their pediatricians: Avoid feeding peanuts to infants in order to decrease their risk of developing a peanut allergy.

Commentary: Don't brush off dental needs of county's children

No child should enter kindergarten with untreated tooth decay, but all too often in Orange County that is the case.

Mailbag: Costa Mesa Tennis Center has been well managed

After reading the article in the Daily Pilot concerning the city opening the bidding process for an operator of the Costa Mesa Tennis Center, I was very concerned ("Costa Mesa reopens...

Mailbag: Column captures the wonderful qualities of Marian Bergeson

Re. "Venezia: Bergeson is in another tough race — against cancer," March 13:

Commentary: City should prioritize park use, medical pot ordinance

In his March 14 commentary "Let's be done with free spending and neglected roads," Costa Mesa Mayor Steve Mensinger addressed Councilwoman Katrina Foley's suggestion to establish prioritized...

Mailbag: Polling place was lonely on low-turnout Tuesday

I recently moved to Irvine from Los Angeles. In the previous election here, I had voted with my customary paper ballot.

Commentary: Proposed law would protect flags on college campuses

The recent vote by a student council at UC Irvine to ban the display of the American flag is truly a moment made for social media: baffling at first, difficult to fathom, easy to tweet.

Commentary: There are ways to heal veterans' maladies without pills

Patient participation in health care is on the rise, as seen in people looking for alternatives to allopathic medicine. And in July, National Public Radio (NPR) did a report titled, "Veterans kick the prescription pill habit, against doctors' orders."

UC Irvine chancellor: Stop the Internet rage over flag flap

UC Irvine chancellor: Stop the Internet rage over flag flap

On March 8, I criticized an earlier decision by the UC Irvine student council to ban all national flags from the lobby of its offices, and I expressed support for the student government executive council that acted quickly to veto the effort. Before, during and after this short dispute, the U.S....

Mailbag: Here's how Ganahl can continue to be a good neighbor

Re. "Nearby businesses appeal proposed Ganahl Lumber," March 14:

Mailbag: Tongues are wagging over UCI flag flap

Re "Ban on American flag at UC Irvine reversed," (March 8):

Commentary: Leaking information from closed session violates trust

During the Costa Mesa City Council meeting March 3, Councilwoman Katrina Foley became livid because she believed another council member, Gary Monahan, revealed information about the police officers' contract offer that was discussed during closed session.

Commentary: Let's be done with free spending, neglected roads

At a recent Costa Mesa City Council meeting, Councilwoman Katrina Foley raised a great point about the need to have prioritized goals for the city.

Commentary: Joint effort is leading to Balboa Peninsula solutions

This week, for the first time in a long time, Newport Beach moved to address some of the problems associated with the concentration of alcohol-serving establishments on the Balboa Peninsula.

Commentary: It's time to challenge O.C.'s Republican 'industrial complex'

During this election season, much has been made of "fixing" California. California is beautiful, and Orange County hails as one of its jewels.

Here's a banner headline: UC Irvine's flag flap has gotten absurd

Robin Abcarian: Here's a banner headline: UC Irvine's flag flap has gotten absurd

It's not clear exactly why the American flag went up in the sitting lounge of UC Irvine's student government center. By one account, it was leftover decor from an America-themed party.

Legislators' overreaction should suffer same fate as attempted flag ban

Legislators' overreaction should suffer same fate as attempted flag ban

Students at UC Irvine learned valuable lessons last week after the student council passed a misguided resolution banning flag displays in its lobby. Among them: Don't mess with Old Glory. Policymaking has real-world effects. And, perhaps most important, don't be surprised if the so-called grown-...

Commentary: Students should not feel alone under the pressure

Adults plan students' entire work schedules around their ideal, from the hours at school each day, five days a week, to the extra work at home.

Commentary: Conservative leaders rightly back Don Wagner for Senate

This post has been corrected, as noted below.

Commentary: Consider this an invitation to Persian New Year

Every year around March 20, at spring equinox, when day and night are of equal length and the sun passes the celestial equator, people of Persian heritage around the world celebrate the end of the cold winter and the beginning of the warmer spring.

Commentary: Give the police tools to tame peninsula nightlife

In his commentary, Michael Glenn ("No one

Mailbag: How about a dog beach for Newport?

Hooray for the city for including a section of the Newport Beach Civic Center dog park for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds. It is about time.

Mailbag: UC Irvine students disrespected Old Glory

I find it disturbing and highly disrespectful that students would like to ban flags from a section of the UC Irvine campus ("UCI student government bans U.S., other flags from its lobby; veto likely,"...

Commentary: Youth sports fields the unresolved issue

As the Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee lurches to its possible demise on April 1, it is important to point out a few facts.

Reader Report: Despite challenges, crossing guards aim to keep people safe

I am one of two school crossing guards for the busy, stop-signs-only intersection at 16th Street and Irvine Avenue in Costa Mesa, serving Newport Harbor High and Ensign Middle schools.

Commentary: Government-paid tuition doesn't solve anything

What does $1,400 buy nowadays? One year of cellphone service with T-Mobile, one year of television with DirecTV or one year's tuition at a California community college — for 60% of students, that is. The other 40% pay no tuition.

Mailbag: Permit parking comes with a big payoff — places to park

Why should I pay to park my car in front of my house ("Residents near Balboa Village polled on parking," Feb. 20)? I've lived here for 40 years and now the city wants to charge me to park my car. Ridiculous. It's the principle of the thing.

Commentary: I am the pro-business, smaller-government choice

In 2010, I entered the state Assembly with two clear purposes: Advance policies to create a prosperous economy with many good jobs for California's families, and reduce the size and scope of the state's overbearing and wasteful government.

Commentary: Monitored exercise program can save life, limb

This is the time of year when everyone takes a hard look in the mirror (or at the scale) and promises, "I'm going to begin exercising."

Mailbag: Moorlach helped preserve airport settlement agreement

Columnist Barbara Venezia ("Venezia: It looks like a sparring match between Moorlach and Wagner

Commentary: Going vegetarian, buying Fair Trade are starts

I was every father's worst nightmare. My dad had sent his little girl to college, and I'd come back a vegetarian.

Mailbag: What are the benefits of allowing jetpacks in the harbor?

As the Daily Pilot reported, the Newport Beach City Council met in a study session regarding future permits for jetpack operations in Newport Harbor ("Newport won't ban jetpacks in harbor, but...

Commentary: Newport officer helps grant a stranger's dying wish

It's easy to get weighed down by all the awful things people do to each other. Sometimes it seems like that's all we hear about.

Commentary: It's time for us to solve the peninsula's problems

On March 10, the Newport Beach City Council will hold a study session to discuss nuisance and crime problems on the Balboa Peninsula associated with the concentration of liquor licenses there.

Commentary: City has no need for a Fairview Park survey

I have read blogger Geoff West's Feb. 21 commentary, "Push for Fairview Park survey is just a ploy,

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