Mailbag: Undergrounding proponents don't tell the whole story

The signature-gathering phase of the undergrounding petitions in Assessment District 114 and 118 — both Newport Heights areas — is coming to a close.

Commentary: Effects of Banning Ranch on humans must be considered

A city the size of Bishop in population is about to be built on the last few acres of coastal open space in Orange County. The enormous development is proceeding to approval under the radar of many residents of Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach.

Mailbag: Businesses get a break; public on the hook

I'm puzzled by the Irvine council's decision not to nickle-and-dime small-business owners by charging $51 for a business license, while everyday residents cover the general fund shortfall.

Commentary: Dixon should expect to be questioned

Commentary: Dixon should expect to be questioned

Barbara Venezia wrote a column June 19 about Newport Beach Mayor Pro Tem Diane Dixon, a self-proclaimed reform candidate who voted to increase spending ("Mayor Pro Tem Dixon's team spirit questioned").

Mailbag: Civic center audit is a must-have

Re: "Commentary: Outside pressures contributed to civic center's rising costs" (June 28):

Commentary: Outside pressures contributed to Civic Center costs

While Councilwoman Diane Dixon's commentary ("The Civic Center audit will provide a necessary third-party review") in the June 25 edition of the Daily Pilot was much appreciated, keeping...

Commentary: Estancia's 50th suggests a missed opportunity at Mesa

Re: "Time capsule from 1965 and 1990 surfaces at Estancia High" (June 17):

Mailbag: Online video reflects meeting's pro-undergrounding bias

Online video reflects meeting's pro-undergrounding bias

Commentary: Filling up on spirituality can help your waistline

When my wife was a teenager, she became very concerned with her weight. But her mother told her not to worry. Why? Because she knew her daughter was too astute to let her weight get out of control.

Mailbag: Allow church to keep serving parishioners on Lido Isle

St. James the Great Episcopal Church has been a part of the community for 70 years. It is a beautiful structure for the neighborhood and not an outdated relic.

Mailbag: St. James the Great should remain a church

On June 15, a Newport Beach town hall meeting was held to discuss the fate of the St. James the Great Episcopal Church. The meeting room overflowed with parishioners clad in bright-red shirts that proclaimed "Save St. James the Great."

Commentary: Now that I've got your attention, listen up

America has certainly got a long and, well, really quite appealing history of rambling around.

Commentary: Loss of egrets and herons points up need to come to an understanding with arborists

The tree demolition event May 28 at the Balboa Peninsula Point, which resulted in the deaths of nesting egrets and herons, outraged neighborhood residents and bird advocates, who view the act as unthinkable and avoidable.

Mailbag: Opinions on undergrounding are charged on both sides

Opinions on undergrounding are charged on both sides

Commentary: The Civic Center audit will provide a necessary third-party review

A unanimous Newport Beach City Council on June 16 approved a third-party audit of the Civic Center project. It was a wise and thoughtful decision by each of my fellow council members.

Mailbag: Civic center audit sounds routine for industry

On June 16, the Newport Beach City Council voted unanimously to initiate an audit of the civic center project, which ended up costing about $140 million.

Commentary: Ginny Ueberroth gift will benefit women throughout O.C.

When Orange County businessman and former Time Magazine Man of the Year Peter Ueberroth was asked by UCLA Anderson School of Management to list his mentors, the first person he named was his wife, Ginny.

Mailbag: Watchful neighbors are the best protection

Two questions asked at a recent community meeting prompted these thoughts.

Mailbag: Team Newport's proposed service cuts are a concern

Bob McCaffery's recent commentary, "Team Newport is asking the right questions on the council" (June 10), was an interesting exercise in mental gymnastics by McCaffery to rationalize the...

Commentary: How I found my true Prince Charming

After a long marriage and a fairly amicable divorce, I decided to take a chance on love again.

Commentary: Stop undergrounding petition in Newport Heights

Open letter to the Newport Beach City Council:

Commentary: Sacramento needs to butt out of local affairs

I have now spent 12 weeks representing California's 37th District as a state senator, and I have noticed the state Legislature enjoys meddling in the affairs of Orange County.

Commentary: There are trips and then there are vacations

The thing about travel is that you must know at the planning stage whether you want to go on a trip or a vacation.

Commentary: Now is the time to underground utilities in Newport Heights

I've lived in Newport Heights for over 40 years. Long ago, several of us began discussing the benefits of underground telephone phones when they were not as common as they are today.

Commentary: `Team Newport' is asking the right questions on council

I found Mayor Pro Tem Diane Dixon's recent column regarding her support of the Newport Beach budget refreshing ("Commentary: Budget process isn't perfect, but council has a record of fiscal...

Commentary: My advice to the Class of 2015 — Be curious

I will never be a graduation speaker, but if by some miracle I was asked, this would be what I would say.

Mailbag: New homes are improving Costa Mesa's Westside

Opponents of development on Costa Mesa's Westside talk as if the city is paving paradise and putting up a parking lot. They moan about losing wide-open spaces, but in fact the only things being lost are vacant lots full of trash and abandoned buildings that attract vandals and squatters.

Commentary: It's time for pricey O.C. to implement rent controls

The new monthly rent for the apartment I reside in is $1,545, up from $1,395. That is an increase of $150 per month.

Commentary: Make sure your child is ready for the stressors of college

One of the most important things to remember about raising children is that you're really raising adults.

Commentary: Combine Talbert Park with Banning Ranch

It's a small place that is beginning to receive attention by a number of large agencies for the simple reason that it exists as one of the very few empty spaces on local maps, a place with no facilities and few signs and fences.

Commentary: A drought is no time to build new developments

Yes, there is no doubt that we are in a drought. However, are we robbing the current residents of their water usage at the expense of facilitating these unending high-density housing projects?

Commentary: Prom draft ban was an overreaction

Re. the Corona del Mar High school decision to ban the prom draft: I believe the school administration has no jurisdiction in sanctioning the actions of students outside of school. Perhaps school administrators are worried that the school will be profiled as a "bad school," and be subject to bad...

Commentary: Have 'Four Cs' replaced 'Three Rs' in education?

"What was considered a good education 50 years ago … is no longer enough for success in college, career and citizenship in the 21st Century."

Mailbag: Let's improve the marina-area architecture

I have been a resident on Lido Island for 40 years and can't understand how projects like the new marina on the peninsula could have possibly been approved. This is one of the most horrible excuses for architecture I have ever seen. This structure looks like it came out of "The Jetsons" TV show.

Commentary: Entertainment business provides metaphors for life

People are forever taking Hollywood and the Left Coast to task for not being serious, for not being, well, deep.

Commentary: Law shouldn't be our first resort on vaccinations

There has been a lot of discussion about Senate Bill 277, which would remove all exemptions from vaccination requirements. The decision to vaccinate should be an informed choice that parents make, not one forced by government.

Commentary: Be selective when you decide to go out and change the world

There is a great musical by Steven Sondheim titled "Into the Woods."

Mailbag: Suicide-prevention act is crippled by VA snag

Much like a thoroughbred racehorse that comes out of the gate fast but stumbles in the first turn, the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act has hit a bureaucratic stumbling block.

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