Mailbag: Sober-living story points up the curbing of property rights

I want to point out that many attendees of sober-living meetings arrive by bicycle ("Sober-living business loses bid for permit because of parking," July 22).

Commentary: Having character doesn't mean being boring and rigid

There was a time in America when character was critical.

Commentary: Life shows that you never really stop growing up

People talk about where they grew up. I spent my memorable childhood years, from 7 to 12, on Citrus Avenue in Los Angeles in the 1950s. That's where I supposedly grew up.

Commentary: The power of a compliment is truly amazing

It's nice to be nice. And easy. And contagious.

Mailbag: Minimum-wage boost would help families, U.S. economy

Assemblyman Matthew Harper's recent commentary on raising the minimum wage ("Wage proposal would hurt economy," July 17) is wrongheaded and misinformed.

Commentary: Join me in crafting a definition of `an education'

I was teaching language arts to five classes at a local middle school several years ago (classes of 36 to 39 students).

Mailbag: Congress is trying to sabotage a good deal with Iran

Clearly the majority of the members of Congress have forgotten why Iranians hate America. The current Iranian leadership was alive when the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was overthrown on Aug. 19, 1953.

Mailbag: Invoking God has nothing to do with God?

Re. "Irvine votes to display 'In God We Trust'" (July 19):

Commentary: Newport Beach should respond, not just adapt, to climate change

Last week, the Newport City Council discussed changes to the seawalls, which are old, and rising sea levels will top them in some places. The city's engineering summary was professional and complete.

Commentary: Saving women from breast cancer is paramount, so let's talk about better tools

Over half a century after the introduction of modern-day mammography, the screening controversy seems stronger than ever. Heated debates are centered on determining the effects of mammograms on breast cancer mortality, largely based on data that is decades old.

Mailbag: Backing of Wu leaves a trail of questions

Re: "Ex-campaign treasurer resigns from county board" (July 15):

Mailbag: 'Team Newport' is bringing Costa Mesa-style politics to town

Good morning, Newport Beach! Time to wake up and smell the coffee — er, tea, I mean.

Commentary: Impatient for red lights to turn green in my direction

When I was in my mid-teens, Bill Stulla hosted a kids' TV show called "Cartoon Express."

Commentary: My Technicolor memories of Disneyland

I was born in L.A. at the hospital with the most beautiful name in the city, Queen of the Angels. I grew up in L.A. I lived in Studio City and Hollywood. I went to Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake on Friday nights, ate breakfast at the International House of Pancakes before it was IHOP.

Commentary: Talbert should be allowed to ramble with our thoughts

There's an old adage: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Commentary: Minimum-wage proposal could increase unemployment, hurt economy

California is still recovering from an economic recession. Now is the worst time to make it harder to hire new employees. Current legislation would do just that.

Mailbag: We knew utilities were above ground when we moved here

We knew utilities were above ground when we moved here

Commentary: Mandating civics courses would benefit students, the country

The other day, my son was practicing his guitar with a new music book and came upon Samuel Francis Smith's "America (My Country, 'Tis of Thee)."

Mailbag: Newport decision on inclusion excludes free speech

Newport decision on inclusion excludes free speech

Mailbag: Anti-development stance is unrealistic

It's not easy trying to translate the nonsensical ramblings of controlled-growth advocate Costa Mesa First ("Costa Mesa group files petition to give voters a say in development," June...

Commentary: How to keep senior citizens safe behind the wheel

For many, especially seniors in our community, nothing defines independence more than the ability to drive.

Commentary: I will not 'park my faith or convictions at the door'

News flash: I am a Christian man who believes in traditional marriage. I won't shy away from my convictions because the politically correct are crying foul.

Commentary: Newport Beach can learn tolerance from Santa Ana

In his opening to "A Tale of Two Cities," Charles Dickens wrote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness."

Commentary: Councilman's comments on gay marriage are harmful to people

Re. "Newport Councilman Peotter's opposition to gay unions draws criticism

Commentary: Instead of pursuing an opposite head the other way

Everyone loves a summer romance. Someone with whom you can walk the beach, enjoy a sunset, and picnic with on a lazy, Sunday afternoon. Antennas are up; everyone is looking for the next great love.

Mailbag: Stating religious beliefs does not make councilman homophobic

Re. "Peotter's opposition to gay unions draws ire

Commentary: Nancy Drew and the case of the Missing Plug Nickles

My friend Jeanne and I used to play Nancy Drew when we were kids. We were lucky to grow up three doors apart in Los Angeles and are luckier still to be neighbors now.

Mailbag: Split undergrounding cost with utility company

Our civic discourse increasingly views most issues through the lens of a zero sum game with a winner-take-all outcome.

Mailbag: Church persists in faith, if not in a building

On July 5, I attended the "sidewalk" service of St. James the Great in Lido Park. What an amazing experience.

Mailbag: Finding enjoyment, and meaning, in fireworks

Maybe we should make legal “the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air” on Independence Day. That thought kept running through my head while watching — no, make that experiencing — Saturday night's fireworks extravaganza in my neighborhood.

Mailbag: Undergrounding proponents don't tell the whole story

The signature-gathering phase of the undergrounding petitions in Assessment District 114 and 118 — both Newport Heights areas — is coming to a close.

Commentary: Effects of Banning Ranch on humans must be considered

A city the size of Bishop in population is about to be built on the last few acres of coastal open space in Orange County. The enormous development is proceeding to approval under the radar of many residents of Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach.

Mailbag: Businesses get a break; public on the hook

I'm puzzled by the Irvine council's decision not to nickle-and-dime small-business owners by charging $51 for a business license, while everyday residents cover the general fund shortfall.

Commentary: Dixon should expect to be questioned

Commentary: Dixon should expect to be questioned

Barbara Venezia wrote a column June 19 about Newport Beach Mayor Pro Tem Diane Dixon, a self-proclaimed reform candidate who voted to increase spending ("Mayor Pro Tem Dixon's team spirit questioned").

Mailbag: Civic center audit is a must-have

Re: "Commentary: Outside pressures contributed to civic center's rising costs" (June 28):

Commentary: Outside pressures contributed to Civic Center costs

While Councilwoman Diane Dixon's commentary ("The Civic Center audit will provide a necessary third-party review") in the June 25 edition of the Daily Pilot was much appreciated, keeping...

Commentary: Estancia's 50th suggests a missed opportunity at Mesa

Re: "Time capsule from 1965 and 1990 surfaces at Estancia High" (June 17):

Mailbag: Online video reflects meeting's pro-undergrounding bias

Online video reflects meeting's pro-undergrounding bias

Commentary: Filling up on spirituality can help your waistline

When my wife was a teenager, she became very concerned with her weight. But her mother told her not to worry. Why? Because she knew her daughter was too astute to let her weight get out of control.

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