Commentary: Life in the time of grief and the kindness of strangers

A few months ago, my grandmother passed away. It was a slow, agonizing end, one of those things that began with a trip to the hospital and became progressively worse as the months wore on. In some ways, she knew that once she went in, she would not be coming out. In some ways, we did too.

Mailbag: COIN should have been kept out of charter

I have read "County COIN proposal hits roadblock," in the July 19 Daily Pilot, and the article explained two important things that cause concerns about the proposed Costa Mesa city charter.

Commentary: Please comment on bicycle master plan

Until July 30, residents of Newport Beach have the chance to have their voices heard regarding an activity that is exploding in popularity in our city: bicycling.

Commentary: Peninsula is finally seeing improvement; let's keep the momentum going

Nobody's yet singing "Happy Days Are Here Again," but after many years of seeing city economic development resources and efforts directed elsewhere, residents and business owners on the Balboa Peninsula now have reason to at least whistle an upbeat tune.

Commentary: I am committed to stopping 405 toll lanes

What will voters decide when it comes to the impending decisions about taxing and tolling today's totally tapped-out drivers?

Mailbag: West Newport is much improved

As a longtime resident of West Newport, I just wanted to say how great it is to see all the improvements going on in our end of town.

Commentary: Charter will let Costa Mesa better govern itself

Re. "Commentary: Proposed charter comes with great risk. Benefits? Unknown," July 15:

Mailbag: City Council work requires compensation

Re. "Council should forgo stipends, benefits," July 8: Council members need to continue receiving modest stipends and benefits.

Commentary: Ending homelessness requires a multipronged approach

I have been a Costa Mesa resident for eight years. My wife and I purchased a home here because we fell in love with Costa Mesa's character.

Commentary: City enforcement at motels is working

The recent Costa Mesa Motor Inn's hearing before the Planning Commission regarding long-term stays vindicates the mayor's common-sense approach to our motel dilemma.

Mailbag: It's time to disband the Fairview Park committee

The recent happenings at Fairview Park are classic examples of how the desire of people to maintain Fairview Park for passive use stands in direct conflict with the requirements of big government.

Commentary: Council rules are stifling public comment

Residents are being silenced in Costa Mesa. People like James H. Bridges.

Mailbag: Moving lifeguard coverage shows local reporting at its best

Thanks to the staff of the Daily Pilot for the outstanding coverage of the tragic death of Newport Beach lifeguard Ben Carlson.

Commentary: Motels should clean up their acts or leave town

Costa Mesa is paying the price of poorly run businesses that have become crime centers.

Mailbag: Be aware of danger of shallow-water dives

Thirty-eight years ago, with support from Hoag Hospital, I started Project Wipeout, a program alerting beachgoers of the dangers of running into the water and doing a shallow-surface dive.

Commentary: Proposed charter comes with great risk. Benefits? Unknown

Re: "Costa Mesa is undergoing revolutionary change" (July 3):

Mailbag: Oppose further development in Newport Beach

Regarding the proposed Newport Beach general plan update: The city is built-out. Except for Banning Ranch, there is no more vacant land.

Commentary: Ben: selfless hero

Newport Beach and the local community lost a true hero July 6 when Newport Beach lifeguard Ben Carlson courageously entered the challenging and turbulent waters to save a swimmer in distress.

Commentary: To thank the lifeguards, a swim of her own

I have lived in Newport Beach since I was 5 years old. From 1992 to 1996, I really suffered with asthma and had numerous near-death attacks.

Commentary: A true waterman, yes, but so much more

The past few days, for those of us lucky enough to have known Ben Carlson, have been a surreal experience.

Mailbag: Hobby Lobby ruling gives religion undue influence

Religion is a belief system not supported by scientific facts. It should not be part of our legal, political or educational systems.

Commentary: Advocating for children has opened my heart

Two years ago in this space, I wrote the words, "I'm done" ("Commentary: I walked away from Hollywood to walk with God," July 21, 2012).

Commentary: Grand jury is wrong about airport

In my more than eight years on the Newport Beach City Council, I have learned that effective governance involves a continual search for balance between unfettered growth and protection of the quality of life in the community.

Mailbag: City did too little enforce fireworks laws

It is 11:13 p.m. on the Fourth of July, and I am sitting at my computer composing a missive to Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer while being serenaded by the continuing crash, boom, bang, pop and sizzle of very large illegal fireworks.

Commentary: Mensinger is wrong on several counts

I have read "Costa Mesa is undergoing revolutionary change," by Mayor Pro Tem Mensinger (July 4).

Mailbag: Council should forgo stipends, benefits

During the last election, Tustin voted to eliminate all compensation for its City Council members. The responsible voters understood that their part-time civil servants should not receive salaries, free healthcare and other benefits.

Commentary: 'Revolutionary' Costa Mesa is councilman's spin

Re: "Costa Mesa is undergoing revolutionary changes," July 3: Mayor Pro Tem Steve Mensinger's commentary, as usual, is more spin with only part of the story being told.

Commentary: Costa Mesa is undergoing revolutionary changes

“The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults." — Alexis de Tocqueville

Commentary: No simple solution for unfunded pensions

Editor's note: Attorneys John Stephens and Tim Sesler, two members of Costa Mesa's Pension Oversight Committee, asked the Daily Pilot to publish the panel's findings and recommendations. The committee put together a series of three articles, titled "Fast Facts," that seek to explain and...

Mailbag: Councils' motto is 'Build, baby, build!'

Re. "Westside makeover continues," (June 27):

Commentary: Newport is fiscally sound, and council intends to keep it that way

Two years into a four-year Newport Beach City Council term, it is not unusual for me to still feel like "the new guy."

Editorial: Will the threat of big fines force better beach access?

California's historical guarantee of public access to the shoreline has been under increasing attack in recent years, as oceanfront property owners try to ignore the fact that their glorious private views come with a public responsibility. In 2007, there were about 400 open cases of beach access...

Commentary: Look at general plan measure with skepticism

On July 8, the Newport Beach City Council will consider placing on the November ballot a measure amending the general plan — a plan that voters adopted after extensive outreach and input in 2006.

 Virgen: Recent deaths remind me to love life

Virgen: Recent deaths remind me to love life

If it's true that life is how you perceive it, then death should not really have so much sting.

Carnett: Thelma was a first-rate 'first sergeant'

I'm pretty sure she was the first person with Parkinson's disease I ever met.

Commentary: Mayor's opponents overlook improved Westside

Re: "Proposed project hopes to lure young professionals to Costa Mesa's Westside," (June 21): It was a pleasant surprise to read that after all these years the Argo-Tech industrial site has...

Editorial: Adams fence is a necessary evil

The school board recently made one of those unpopular but necessary decisions of the post-Isla Vista, post-Sandy Hook, post-Fort Hood, post-Aurora, post-Virginia Tech, post-Littleton, post-etc. world.

Mailbag: 'Book of Mormon' is crass and a bore

Re. "Commentary: Close the book on `Book of Mormon,'" (June 21): Finally, a review of the "Book of Mormon" that hits the nail on the head.

Commentary: Stop thoughts of cheating before it begins

As experienced psychologists in private practice, we've watched relationships fall apart because of cheating.

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