History shows that Democrats are good for U.S. economy

As we prepare for another presidential campaign, a theme one hears from Republicans is that their party is better for the economy.

Commentary: O.C. agencies need to equip officers with body cameras

Nationally, there has been widespread coverage of officer-involved shootings and the subsequent upheavals resulting from the lack of accountability by law enforcement.

Commentary: Do not forget Mesa Verde branch in library discussion

Commentary: Do not forget Mesa Verde branch in library discussion

On April 16, the second opportunity to discuss the Dungan Library and the Neighborhood Community Center continued with increased interest.

Mailbag: Newport can look to Costa Mesa for public art

Newport Beach has debated the use of tax dollars to fund public art.

Mailbag: Costa Mesa should create a fine-arts hub

Costa Mesa, the City of the Arts, has a rich and diverse arts community that includes visual and performing arts. The city is home to three major performing arts venues, as well as a wide array of galleries, museums and music settings.

Commentary: Donating unwanted goods helps save the planet and create jobs

Unless you're Superman, you can't save the planet. But you can save an old computer from a landfill.

Commentary: Drought is a reminder not to develop open space

The governor of California recently imposed a mandatory 25% reduction in water use because of the state's drought, now in its fourth year.

Mailbag: Benefit of underground utilities is not the question

Re: "Commentary: Making homeowners pay to underground utilities is wrong," (April 16).

Mailbag: Undergrounding utilities offers benefits overlooked by opponents

This is in rebuttal to "Commentary: Making homeowners pay to underground utilities is wrong,"

Commentary: When a person's words become someone else's

"When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."

Mailbag: Allow fair mooring transfers to continue

Thank you for your recent article regarding the Newport Harbor moorings ("Fees for Newport Harbor moorings may take a dive," April 9).

Commentary: Newport should maintain current `blackball' regulations

Re. "Newport surfers may get a break with 'blackball' reduction," (April 9): Newport Beach's Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission's misguided recommendation to allow hardboard surfing to...

Commentary: Making homeowners pay to underground utilities is wrong

The Newport Beach undergrounding debate should not be a debate about the pros and cons of undergrounding. It is really about forcing residents to suffer an unrequested and undesired financial burden for a non-essential service.

Commentary: The basic necessity of life itself is just that

My name is Carol, and I am addicted to water.

Commentary: Supporters of gay rights should avoid the GOP

In 1854 residents of Ripon, Ill., helped form the Republican Party. They were abolitionists who stood squarely for civil rights in an era when many people lived in slavery. The Grand Old Party championed the rights of slaves and women.

Commentary: Listen to what your heartburn may be telling you

If reaching for an antacid following a meal has become a form of dessert for you, it may be time to reevaluate that burning sensation in your chest.

Commentary: A spiritual quest leads to humanitarian effort

Several years ago, I went on a search for my Mennonite roots. My sister and I joined a group traveling to the Ukraine, following the path my pacifist forefathers took to escape persecution for their religious beliefs.

Commentary: Let's make sure our little ones learn about good citizenship

Think back to the renowned "educational researcher" Jay Leno's man on the street interviews, and it is glaringly obvious that the vast majority of well-dressed, seemingly intelligent beings are just plain dumb about the world around them.

Commentary: Parking meters should carry over paid time

Recently I was parking at a metered parking spot in Newport Beach.

Mailbag: Desalination plant is an `enormous risk' to ratepayers

I take great exception to the assumptions and conclusions in the commentary by South County resident Roger Butow ("Desalination is least harmful to environment, and it's necessary," (April 2)...

Commentary: Setting the record straight on the Canyon Drive pipeline

I want to take this opportunity to clear up the misstated facts made by former Mayor Eric Bever in his commentary, "Railroaded over the Canyon Drive pipeline action" (April 6.)

Mailbag: Here's one way to save water – grow a beard, guys

Back in the 1870s, when my grandfather served in the Assembly, most men had beards. Ditto my baby boomer friends during the Vietnam War. .

California is naturally brown and beautiful. Why are our yards green?

California is naturally brown and beautiful. Why are our yards green?

A few years ago, my wife and I decided to replace the mangy bit of lawn in front of our house with drought-tolerant dymondia, which was supposed to spread into an interconnected ground cover. Less water, no mowing, I thought. Easy call. But the dymondia struggled, and seemed to ebb in the hot summer...

Commentary: Railroaded over the Canyon Drive pipeline action

Re: "Sanitary district OKs major Costa Mesa sewer pipeline project" (March 28):

Mailbag: Funding public art reflects Newport Beach's values

The Newport Beach City Council will soon be discussing whether the city should continue to fund public art or if this should be left to private donors.

Commentary: Coastal Commission is bound to turn down Banning Ranch again

Recently, the Newport Banning Ranch company, which is promoting a large project on the mesa of Banning Ranch in Newport Beach, sent another in a series of development applications to the Coastal Commission.

Commentary: Student test scores do not reflect our teachers' abilities

A lasting legacy of the federal No Child Left Behind Act has been the notion of tying student test scores to teachers' job evaluations.

Commentary: Removing trash from the beach requires many hands

I live on the Balboa Peninsula Point and pick up trash whenever I walk on the beach, as do a few other residents.

Mailbag: Nationalistic outrage is much more frightening

I see yet another letter writer complaining about UC Irvine students banning the American flag at an American university ("Flag ban by students was absurd" March 28).

Program makes it easier to discuss female health issues

For women experiencing painful intercourse, incontinence or other pelvic floor disorders, physical rehabilitation can be life-changing. But few women feel comfortable discussing intimate issues in the same physical therapy setting as patients recovering from strokes or car accidents.

Commentary: Want to reduce stress? Try God.

Many people believe that stress is a leading cause of a wide variety of health problems.

Commentary: Desalination project is least environmentally harmful option, and it is necessary

I was recently appointed to the Orange County Water District's volunteer, 18-member Ocean Desalination Citizens Advisory Committee.

Commentary: Battling climate change begins at home

When it comes to climate change, most of us look at gridlocked Washington, or read about the science wars, and think, what can one individual do?

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