Commentary: One key to writing is having a story to tell

I began keeping a journal in the eighth grade. What prompted me to write was Amia Lucia Donatella Davia. She was the new student in Sister Dolores' class who came from Caltanissetta, Sicily. Amia was the reincarnation of Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty. I was compelled to write about her and,...

Commentary: The average risk of breast cancer is higher than you think

When it comes to mammography, I am not a fan of "normal." Being told that your mammogram is normal might sound nice, but normal doesn't tell you anything other than right now, at this exact moment, you don't appear to have any evidence of breast cancer.

Commentary: Thoughts on papal visit from a Cuban, Catholic

Pope Francis was greeted by a multitude of cheers upon his arrival to the island nation of Cuba, a country where I was born and I called home for the first six years of my life.

Mailbag: Proposed Fountain Valley sign is a 'hideous plan'

We have lived in North Mesa Verde, Costa Mesa, for over 50 years. We have freeway noise, airplane noise, helicopter noise.

Mailbag: It's time to stop ignoring high school football concussions

Re. "Barbato returns to CdM," (Sept. 24): On Sept. 28, 2001, our 17-year-old grandson, Matthew Colby, died playing football for Costa Mesa High School.

Commentary: Brown should veto bill that penalizes Costa Mesa for transparency

With the impending stroke of his pen, Gov. Jerry Brown could potentially mete out one of the biggest and most cynical acts of revenge against taxpayers by signing into law the Civic Reporting Openness in Negotiations Efficiency act, or CRONE for short.

Commentary: Kids should thank their parents for their sacrifices

I recently overheard a young teenager complain about having to walk to school two miles (gasp).

Commentary: Paying teachers more would reduce pending shortage

Every so often, like the reemergence of El NiƱo, the topic of a teaching shortage reappears on op-ed pages and talk radio.

Commentary: The mysteries of the U.S. Mail belong in a book

I've always loved a mystery, from the time I first read Nancy Drew as a little girl.

Commentaries: Opposing views from police union, councilmen on lawsuit

Editor's note: The Costa Mesa Police Assn. and the legal counsel for Mayor Steve Mensinger and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer recently released statements concerning their litigation. Righeimer and Mensinger are suing the association as individuals over alleged actions by two private...

Commentary: A spiritual answer to fluctuating health advice

How can we determine what is good or detrimental to our health?

Commentary: FAA's `NextGen' plan is bad for Newport Beach

The city of Newport Beach was grateful to join the County of Orange and our community partners just about a year ago in announcing the extension and amendment of the John Wayne Airport (JWA) settlement agreement.

Commentary: Staving off society's collective breakdown

Mental disorder is not always that easy to identify.

Commentary: State should use Fairview Center for disabled veterans

Fairview Developmental Center, a 114-acre, state-owned facility along Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa, now houses only about 263 disabled individuals, down from around 2,700 in its heyday in the 1960s.

Mailbag: Here's my case for developing Banning Ranch

For the last several years, the Banning Ranch Conservancy has attempted to convince the public that Banning Ranch should not be developed primarily because they claim it would be damaging to valuable environmental resources.

Commentary: There's no Level 0 in competitive bridge match

I've read that bridge is a better strategy game than chess.

Commentary: Here's how to handle the occasional brush with fame

My name is Diane Farr. I'm an actress. If you were to bump into me, your first thought might be, "I think I went to high school with that girl." But, you didn't.

Commentary: Assembly Republicans represent the interests of Californians

As a member of the Assembly Republican Caucus, I have fought for everyday Californians all year. It is an honor to work with a united and effective group of elected officials who have come to Sacramento to serve their communities.

Commentary: Prescription opiods are a gateway to heroin use in O.C.

Sometimes it begins legitimately. Pain from an injury or a surgery leads to a prescription for Vicodin, Oxycontin or Percocet.

Commentary: Senior Center offers fantastic travel benefits

Our first cruise was down the Danube River through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Commentary: Pets are a blessing, so come get them blessed

When it comes to family time and home life, pets are so much of who we are. Of course, not everyone is a pet person, but those who are, are!

Mailbag: Join the opposition to Banning Ranch

On Oct. 7, the California Coastal Commission will vote on the approval of a mega-development on Banning Ranch.

Commentary: Writing more words about my newspaper mentor than he'd like

My journalism mentor, Charles H. "Chuck" Loos, died five months ago, and I just found out.

Mailbag: Make good use of the Fairview center's reuse

I am encouraged that the Costa Mesa City Council is considering the many uses for the land of the Fairview Developmental Center. I assume that it will propose a plan to purchase the land.

Commentary: Initiative would give Costa Mesans say over development

On Oct. 9, 2009, Jim Righeimer, currently Costa Mesa's mayor pro-tem, wrote in his former "Rigonomics" column for the Daily Pilot about protecting the...

Commentary: Wheels and feet should have separate paths

Newport Beach has a significant problem because it allows wheeled vehicles and pedestrians in the same space.

Commentary: Proponents of development initiative aren't giving the full story

Richard Huffman and Cynthia McDonald's Sept. 16 commentary, "Initiative would give Costa Mesans say over development," contains two incredible statements.

Commentary: Let older models strut their stuff on the catwalk

On the evening of Sept. 11, I attended a contemporary fashion show in the Bloomingdales courtyard at Fashion Island.

Commentary: Gender transitioning needs integrative medical approach

With Caitlyn Jenner's incredible journey commanding so much media attention, the transgender community has never been more at the forefront than it is today.

Commentary: Shopping — and bonding — through the ages

How I used to love to shop! As a young girl, it was a thrill to get a new dress for a special occasion, to describe it to my friends, to wear it for the first time.

Mailbag: Male bias colors position on women's rights

I simply must respond to the Brian Moerning's letter in Mailbag ("Letter on Roe vs. Wade discounts millions of lives," Sept. 6) When anyone speaks of "tens of millions of babies killed," I always wonder what would have become of them. If born to welfare mothers, would they have become welfare...

Commentary: An old trick will help you conserve water in the bathroom

My daughters and I had brunch on a recent Sunday. When Jan, Cheryl and I are together, our conversation topics hop all over the place.

Commentary: Examining America's strained relationship with immigration laws

The upcoming presidential election, and recent world events, is shining a spot light on immigration. Discussion on the pros and cons of immigration is nothing new, and is as much a part of our American experience as baseball or apple pie.

CdM Today: Residents press council on plan to remove trees

Corona del Mar residents asked the City Council at its meeting Tuesday why as many as three dozen Poppy Avenue eucalyptus trees have to be removed by the end of the month.

Mailbag: Two-job households make it harder to get a good night's sleep

Re. "Apodaca: Students aren't only ones who have to adjust when going back to school," (Aug 29): In her column, Patrice Apodaca cites research showing students do better work when allowed a later school start time. All very well and good, but...

Commentary: Walk a mile and learn more about your city

Actions speak louder than words, or so the saying goes. Translation: How you live reveals what you truly value.

Commentary: An open letter to the younger generations

Dear friends of generations X, Y and Z:

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