Commentary: Remembering my wife during Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month

We often take for granted memory and how it guides our lives. Memories form our perceptions of ourselves and others. They help us make plans and decide whether we want to repeat experiences.

Commentary: Hearing loss doesn't need to lead to isolation

I haven't thought about my Uncle George for a very long time. Recently, I was with my cousin, his daughter, and we reminisced about him.

Commentary: Savor those elementary school moments before they dance away

This week, I attended my youngest son's spring dance at his elementary school. After 12 spring dances (counting my oldest son's tenure), this was my final one.

Commentary: Budget process isn't perfect, but council has a record of fiscal responsibility

The Newport Beach City Council this week approved a budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1. The vote was 4 to 3, with Councilmen Scott Peotter, Kevin Muldoon and Duffy Duffield opposed.

Commentary: Reflecting on substitute teaching experience

My one stint as a long-term substitute teacher was over a decade ago, but I still wonder about the children in that class and think about the lessons I learned with them. I'm sure I learned more from them than they did from me in those six weeks.

Mailbag: Senator's vote on vaccines was well-considered

Re. "Moorlach puzzles with vote against vaccinations," (May 18):

Commentary: Another way to look at the water crisis

By now, you've heard about the water crisis throughout California. For many reasons, our water supply is simply too low.

Commentary: Don't just hang up a flag; help the veterans

I am sure veterans had to sleep on the side of the road during combat. Who would have thought they'd have to do the same back in their hometown?

Commentary: Costa Mesa needs to revamp its dog park

As the years go by, Costa Mesa is becoming less pet-friendly, especially for cats and small dogs.

Commentary: Irvine should preserve its living-wage ordinance

In Irvine, American's safest, greenest and a "best-managed" city, the conservative City Council majority will vote on whether to repeal the city's living-wage ordinance, passed in 2007.

Mailbag: Politicians, police, community need our prayers

In my opinion, our city governments need to start with mutual appreciation, not vicious personal attacks, on either side. I vote for wisdom, economy and brotherly love.

Commentary: In fairness, Congress must require collection of out-of-state sales taxes

In California and across the country, businesses create jobs, enrich communities and power America's economy. Unfortunately, when it comes to ensuring that all businesses are treated fairly and equally under the law, Congress has checked out.

Mailbag: Smaller fire rings could spark a compromise

Speaking as someone who loves fires at the beach with family and friends, yet who also appreciates the concerns about pollution, I think the most sensible solution would be to have fire pits that are half the size of the current ones and have stricter enforcement of how large the fires can get.

Mailbag: Banning Ranch development would increase Costa Mesa traffic

Re. "Commentary: Fine-tuned Banning Ranch project fulfills needs of all," (May 8): By reading the recent commentary concerning the Banning Ranch project, you would think that this project has zero...

Commentary: It's time to make childhood vaccinations mandatory

It was just in December that Disneyland was struck by a measles outbreak. While the source of the outbreak is not definitively known, it is thought to have been caused by an international tourist to the amusement park who was infected with the virus.

Commentary: Veterans' suicide rate alarming

According to a study in the American Journal of Public Health, the causes for suicides among post-9/11 veterans included mental health, substance abuse and relationship problems.

Mailbag: Too many letters in the Daily Pilot lean to the left

I have given the Daily Pilot the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the selection of opinion pieces. But shame on me for thinking this newspaper, as an affilitate of the Los Angeles Times, might be neutral.

Mailbag: Jetpacks have no place flying in Newport Harbor

I support the City Council's vote against the continued operation of jetpacks in Newport Harbor.

Commentary: Pretty and pristine Talbert Park? Think again

For 35 years I have lived near Talbert Regional Park, and in those years, I have seen Talbert grow steadily worse under the "care" of Orange County.

Commentary: Fine-tuned Banning Ranch project fulfills needs of all

Last week, California Coastal Commission staff certified the Newport Banning Ranch project application.

Commentary: Residential conservation alone will not solve drought

The state of California is entering its fourth year of severe drought. On March 17 the State Water Resources Control Board adopted and expanded emergency regulations to safeguard the state's remaining water supplies.

Commentary: Bill would allow terminally ill end-of-life dignity

According to the California Department of Public Health, 248,118 people died in California in 2013.

Mailbag: Undergrounding study could waste taxpayer money

Re. "Mailbag: Benefit of underground utilities is not the question" (Mailbag, April 20): David...

Mailbag: It's time for police to wear video cameras

Police officers have been under much public scrutiny after several deadly confrontations in communities around the country.

Commentary: Newport civic center requires a thorough outside audit now

Newport Beach's City Hall is a building that produces no revenue and costs the taxpayers of the city well over a half-million dollars each month simply to pay down the construction debt.

Commentary: Provide visiting nurses to at-risk young moms

Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May, was formally established more than 100 years ago by Congress to recognize the important role mothers play in getting babies off to a good start in life.

Mailbag: Newport should audit civic center spending

Newport taxpayers will pay over $666,000 this month in mortgage payments on the Civic Center, or "Taj Mahal." That's $8 million per year for 26 more years.

History shows that Democrats are good for U.S. economy

As we prepare for another presidential campaign, a theme one hears from Republicans is that their party is better for the economy.

Commentary: O.C. agencies need to equip officers with body cameras

Nationally, there has been widespread coverage of officer-involved shootings and the subsequent upheavals resulting from the lack of accountability by law enforcement.

Commentary: Do not forget Mesa Verde branch in library discussion

Commentary: Do not forget Mesa Verde branch in library discussion

On April 16, the second opportunity to discuss the Dungan Library and the Neighborhood Community Center continued with increased interest.

Mailbag: Newport can look to Costa Mesa for public art

Newport Beach has debated the use of tax dollars to fund public art.

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