Commentary: Each woman is an individual when it comes to cancer screening

Some researchers recommend that women get mammograms annually after age 40. Others suggest the test is best if women receive it every other year starting at age 50.

Commentary: Become breast-cancer aware no matter your family history

When I ask patients if they perform regular breast self-exams I often hear, "no," and the excuse, "I'm not high-risk."

Commentary: Newport Beach should continue to stay the course

As we approach the Nov. 4 election, Newport Beach residents have been receiving campaign literature in support of the candidates running for the City Council.

Commentary: Charter would give Costa Mesa autonomy from state

Costa Mesa has $228 million in unfunded pension liability, money we owe to past and present city employees.

Commentary: Out-of-town partisans are trying to influence Newport

As a lifelong Republican and a resident of Newport Beach for 55 years, I am saddened to see the intrusion of some ultra-partisan party leaders advancing an agenda in Newport Beach that has nothing to do with the Republican values held by Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater.

Commentary: Employee unions are paying for Costa Mesa political mail

My household has received a number of political mailers from out-of-town government employee unions, each endorsing council candidates Katrina Foley and Jay Humphrey and opposing the proposed Costa Mesa charter, Measure O.

Mailbag: Measure Y would decrease dependency on cars

I am perplexed by the argument against Measure Y.

Commentary: Why I will not vote to reelect the mayor

I've watched and written about Mayor Jim Righeimer since he arrived in Costa Mesa from Fountain Valley.

Mailbag: Savary is a good alternative to Rohrabacher

I'm a Republican, and I am tired of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) representing me.

Commentary: Look at the changes — just what Costa Mesa needs

Our family has resided on the Westside since before Costa Mesa was incorporated in 1953, which means we have seen a great deal of change.

Commentary: Bunyan would bring needed change to the council

We endorse Chris Bunyan for the Costa Mesa City Council. Residents have been calling for change. To quote Bunyan, "So why do they keep digging up candidates from the Costa Mesa graveyard and expecting change?"

Commentary: A vote for Measure O is a vote against union control

The ideological differences surrounding Costa Mesa's proposed charter are as simple as most other Republican-Democrat issues, and the anti-charter comrades need to stop masking their motives and be honest: They want more unionization.

Mailbag: Want to improve the city? Fix the schools first

Re: "Costa Mesa's latest budget surplus: $6 million," (Oct. 8): Now the city needs to decide what to do with the surplus.

Mailbag: It's better to know council candidates' party affiliation

"Mailbag: Stop partisan city politics," (Oct. 7) makes an interesting point about not wanting to know candidates' political parties. The implication is that there is something untoward about such...

Commentary: Why I Support Newport Beach Measure Y

I am in my 20th year of service to Newport Beach. I served 10 years on the Planning Commission and am in my 10th year on the City Council.

Commentary: I have fought for fair tax policies for 8 years

I ran to represent Southern California on the Board of Equalization to change the culture at the state's most-comprehensive tax agency.

Commentary: Costa Mesa election is about trustworthiness

Who will listen to you? Whom do you trust?

Mailbag: District did not seek full cheating story

I am confused by the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. On the one hand, when asked about the latest Corona del Mar High School news regarding the arrest of Timothy Lai, the tutor arrested in the alleged hacking case, the district spokeswoman stated that, "We consider the matter to be closed,"...

Commentary: Our city leaders appear to have lost their way

My philosophy has always been to openly address challenging issues and commit to achieving meaningful solutions.

Commentary: If elected, I will defend Proposition 13

I first signed the pledge to protect Proposition 13 in 1998 as a candidate for the Huntington Beach Union High School District Board of Trustees.

Mailbag: $54 for a parking ticket is an outrage

I went to the beach this morning to watch the waves. The scene was epic. You don't see this many stoked surfers all that often in Newport.

Commentary: Focus on career rather than learning does students a disservice

Mesa Verde Community Inc. presented an excellent forum for Newport-Mesa Unified School District trustee candidates. All the candidates would bring good qualities and useful insights to the school board.

Commentary: Consultant is obfuscating Newport financial data

While Newport Beach's issuance of debt for the Civic Center and park occurred in November 2010, before I was even on the council, political consultant Dave Ellis' slate of City Council candidates (who never said a peep for four years) now question whether we have prudently managed our finances.

Commentary: Don't let Newport Beach become another West L.A.

I am a former Newport Beach mayor. I have continually lived in the Port Streets for over 35 years. I am voting no on Measure Y for the following reasons:

Commentary: Outsourcing provision of proposed charter is dangerous

At taxpayer expense, the city recently mailed to residents a pamphlet titled "How would Costa Mesa be different under the proposed charter (Measure O)?"

Commentary: Council hecklers are chilling speech for other Costa Mesans

Most of my friends and supporters will no longer speak at Costa Mesa City Council meetings. They are turned off by bullies in the audience who laugh at, mock, talk over and jeer anyone who comes to the microphone and supports the council majority.

Commentary: We don't need partisan rhetoric or people feigning dedication to O.C.

Former state Republican Party Chairman Shawn Steel, husband of supervisorial candidate Michelle Steel, recently wrote a commentary for the Orange County Register about the California Republican Party titled, "Not...

Commentary: Do not let density become Costa Mesa's legacy

The high-density development explosion in Costa Mesa cannot be viewed in a piecemeal fashion. When examined in its entirety, it is clear that someone must stand up and advocate for a much more reasonable approach to development, and I believe I am that someone.

Commentary: Drought has resulted in water-agency accountability

Our historic drought has brought important public scrutiny to the agencies that are responsible for delivering water to our homes and businesses.

Mailbag: Voters need to get up to speed on water district races

Please don't ignore the water district races this election cycle: Mesa Water District, Municipal Water District of Orange County and the Orange County Water District.

Commentary: City charter could lead to costly elections, lawsuits

We all agree that there is a major problem with the underfunded public pension obligations in Costa Mesa and that something needs to be done. We do not all agree on the solution, and some have sought to make corrections through the proposed charter, Measure O on the November ballot.

Commentary: Lighting decision is a penalty for Kaiser area residents

Re: "Portable lights OKd for Kaiser Elementary," (Oct. 1):

Mailbag: Criticism of employee payout appears political

Re. "Commentary: Payout to public affairs manager emblematic of bad business," (Sept. 10):

Mailbag: This is what 'Team Newport' really stands for: fiscal sanity

Re. "Mailbag: Why hide from a debate?" (Oct. 2): Letter writer Paul Watkins can of course assume anything he wants.

Mailbag: School board works for students of all ethnicities and backgrounds

Re. "School board is not representative," (Oct. 4): I am stunned by letter writer Martie O'Meara's assertion that "there is no representation for Hispanic students" on the Newport-Mesa Unified...

Mailbag: Set aside feelings and vote yes on Measure P

Do we want toll lanes on the 405 or not? Not. If we want to express our displeasure with toll lanes, we need to let our voices be heard.

Mailbag: Justice wasn't served in the death of my sister

My precious sister, Debra, was killed by a motorist Aug. 27, 2013, while riding her bicycle in Newport Beach. The Orange County District Atty. filed vehicular manslaughter charges and the trial began Sept. 8 of this year. The prosecutor presented evidence that my sister was properly making a right...

Commentary: Cities should support early childhood education

Re. "The Crowd: Spreading awareness of children's needs," (Sept. 18): When I read the story about National Child Awareness Month, I saw the potential for organizations like its sponsor, the Festival of Children Foundation, to be leaders in helping cities and school districts collaborate in...

Mailbag: State is returning too many criminals to our streets

As an elected official, it is becoming harder and harder to keep our communities safe. The state's misguided "realignment" plan is sending hardened criminals who belong in state prison back to our streets.

Mailbag: Local politics should be non-partisan

We recently moved to Irvine from Silicon Valley and are surprised to see political party references when discussing local government. Re. "Irvine Council gets a civics lesson," (Sept. 25), the...

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