Apodaca: Education falters when teachers are afraid to speak

Have our schools become rigid fortresses of political correctness?

CdM High looks to the sun for power

Crews are installing solar panels in the pool lot at Corona del Mar High School

Commentary: Rejoicing in love's victory

In a landmark civil-rights decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage that can't be denied by state laws. The following is a reaction from the Rev. Sarah Halverson, pastor of Fairview Community Church in Costa Mesa.

Venezia: Rehab home comments seem out of order

There's an old saying, "Loose lips sink ships."

The Crowd: Circle 1000 raises funds, hope for cancer fight

In the world of nonprofit gatherings, inspiration is often key to the fundraising tally.

Carnett: How poor are they that have not patience for Shakespeare

Perhaps a line from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is appropriate: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Apodaca: Dads are making way for strong, smart women

Here I was all set to write a feel-good column about Father's Day. Then someone had to go and say something so monumentally dumb that it got me all riled up, and now I just can't help myself. Instead of sunshine and lollipops I will be addressing how a brilliant scientist can also be a total moron.

Harbor Report: A good few weeks for our harbor

We have had another couple of busy weeks concerning the politics of the harbor with the near completion of a revised dredging permit (Regional General Permit 54) and a Newport Beach specific eelgrass plan. We also have the City Council directing staff to provide it with a resolution for mooring fees...

Venezia: Mayor pro tem's team spirit questioned

This post has been corrected, as noted below.

The Crowd: AnQi presents at James Beard dinner

The Crowd: AnQi presents at James Beard dinner

Costa Mesa's glamorous restaurateur Elizabeth An, of South Coast Plaza's AnQi, was invited to present its signature Asian fusion cuisine at the James Beard House in New York.

A Word, Please: There exists more than one form of there

"A man is walking down the street." "There is a man walking down the street."

The God Squad: Hope encapsulates the meaning of life

Q: In a recent column on deism, you said that hope is far more important to you than truth, which I liked. A story: My mother, a non-smoker, died of lung cancer. After her priest offered her last rites, he asked if she had anything else that she'd like. This woman, with no remaining lung...

Carnett: Summer was a time to put miles on the family car

Connie Francis defined it like no other.

Corona del Mar Today: Collection bin for worn flags installed at library

Corona del Mar Today: Collection bin for worn flags installed at library

Newport Beach residents love to fly the red, white and blue.

Apodaca: It's way past time for SAT to die

Students registered for the SAT this coming fall will have the odd distinction of being among the last to take the current version of the college admissions test. The College Board, the testing behemoth behind the SAT, is rolling out its revamped test in Spring 2016.

Fitness Files: Rewards of distance running may be hard for some to understand

Just ran in circles for hours. Eight miles, looping 'round the high school track — odd behavior, right?

Venezia: Bad blood surfaces with 'spit and hit' incident

Sometimes the process of flushing out a column raises more questions than the story itself.

A Word, Please: Readers punctuate grammatical concerns

Some interesting stuff landed in the mailbag for this week. Let's dive in.

The God Squad: Dispute over surrogacy a bad start for any marriage

Q: My companion and I are both 54 and have known each other for 15 years. We started dating three years ago. When we met in 1999, the timing was not right since we were both in relationships with others.

The Crowd: Sand and oranges add to symphony's gala

The party theme was quintessential Orange County. The Pacific Symphony's 25th anniversary gala, a tribute to music director Carl St.Clair and a major nod to the unique O.C. lifestyle, attracted 400 dedicated symphony advocates May 16 for a very special evening at Hotel Irvine.

Apodaca: Drone parents swoop onto scene

Last week I wrote in defense of helicopter parents. Perhaps I needn't have bothered, because if the running commentary in parenting magazines, blogs and other media devoted to subjects surrounding the raising of children is to be believed, helicoptering is yesterday's news.

The Harbor Report: How about more attention to harbor code enforcement?

This week I wanted to update you on some of the news concerning our harbor so I placed some calls into my reliable harbor sources for the most opinionated and up-to-date information.

The Crowd: Bay Club's 1221 auxiliary hands out $149,000 in scholarships

The Crowd: Bay Club's 1221 auxiliary hands out $149,000 in scholarships

What began more than 15 years ago as an instrument of community involvement for a small contingent of Newport-Mesa women who came together for social networking, crossed the million dollar threshold of giving last week in Newport Beach.

A Word, Please: A wide array of influences drive 'through'

Now showing at a news site near you: the spelling "drive-thru."

Fitness Files: Visceral fat is the stuff to really be concerned about

My friend Lauren pointed to my watermelon-shaped belly. "Hey, your tummy sticks out just like mine after you eat.