Apodaca: These allegations are not past their sell-by date

Sometimes while digging through my refrigerator I come across an iffy artifact past its sell-by date. If it doesn't pass the smell test, into the trash it goes.

The Harbor Report: Proud Bird is classy and smart

Last year I ran out of time to complete my annual story on Newport Beach's 20 most interesting boats. I came up with the idea of blending our interesting boats into my column throughout the year. Now that the year is almost at the halfway point, I decided I had better get started.

Corona del Mar Today: Trustees suggest second story for library/fire station

The Newport Beach Board of Library trustees Monday told an architect that they want to consider adding a second story to the new Corona del Mar library branch building.

The Crowd: Guests show heart for Mercy House

fairmont hotel, mercy house, living with heart, Bill Rogers, Terry Wollman, Melanie Taylor, The Rev. Jerome Karcher, Carl Karcher, Larry Haynes, John Weber, Gail Daniels, Amy Larson, Mary Shebell, Terry Dwyer, Idit and Moti Ferder, Gail and Jim Daniels, Dee and Larry Higby, Susan and Martin Lipman,...

Venezia: Graffiti doesn't dampen campaign-kickoff enthusiasm

He's not exactly sure when the incident happened, but Costa Mesa Councilman Gary Monahan recently posted a photo of the graffiti-tagged window at his restaurant Skosh Monahan's on Facebook with a message saying, "Just got tagged … dirtbags."

The Crowd: Fond memories of a great man, Henry Segerstrom

Several years ago, in a private conversation with Henry Segerstrom, the late Orange County native son shared insight into his formative years.

A Word, Please: Even people diligent about use of 'affect,' 'effect' get this wrong

A recent Google search for the phrase "affect positive change" turned up about 101,000 hits. Here's one near the top of the list, a December 2014 story by Monica Middleton on the Guardian website: "Social investment: a powerful tool to affect positive change."

Carnett: Circuitous path to my religious core

The news media were all agog last week.

Apodaca: Rethinking higher education

In the last few weeks I've examined some of the most visible issues in higher education, including rising tuition and student loan debt, doubts about the real worth of brand-name colleges and the perception that only certain degrees are valued in the jobs market.

The Crowd: Patroness tea helps children find loving homes

The Crowd: Patroness tea helps children find loving homes

The Adoption Guild of Southern Orange County, an auxiliary of Holy Family Services Adoption and Foster Care Agency, attracted more than 300 guests April 27 at Big Canyon Country Club, Newport Beach, for the 54th annual patroness tea.

Venezia: Is talk of bullying a fundraising ploy?

"Should the Bully Be Recalled?"

Fitness Files: The big food difference between men and women

I'm into the chocolate chips again. Just ate another handful. After months of leaving an unopened bag with the baking goods, I've finished that bag and ripped into another.

Retail Therapy: Big deals on Aussie favorites

Lost in Oz: One of my favorite sample sales is back. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Aussie designer collective the SYDNY will offer up to 75% off about a dozen brands, including tiger lily, Cleobella and the covetable Samantha Wills jewelry collection....

A Word, Please: Tips on how to avoid common apostrophe errors

Let's face it, grammar is more important for some people than for others. An ambulance driver probably has more important things to worry about than whether to hyphenate adverbs ending in "ly." (FYI: Don't do it.)

Carnett: A new reason to down high-octane java

A cup of morning joe is to this writer what a bottle of oxygen must have been to a U-2 jet jockey.

The Crowd: Women of television lead Chapman panel

The Crowd: Women of television lead Chapman panel

Television is the media kingpin of information, like it or not. Today the video images may be delivered via multiple devices but make no mistake, as Marshall McLuhan famously stated long ago, "The medium is the message."

Apodaca: Liberal arts education has merit

Many readers have told me that they connected with my last column, in which I discussed the growing recognition that we've become too infatuated with "elite" colleges and that we shouldn't undervalue the many other excellent institutions with lesser pedigrees. I also touched on the mounting...

Harbor Report: Take time to meet the Skipper

I recently sat down with a man who needs no introduction, Timothy Bercovitz — better known as "Skipper Tim."

 Hansen: Speak softly and design a good plan

Hansen: Speak softly and design a good plan

One way of winning an argument is to plant a seed, let it grow and then concede the inevitable outcome to your opponent.

Venezia: Balboa Theater's closing chapter has arts dividend

It seems the Newport Beach Arts Commission will receive a windfall now that the Balboa Performing Arts Theater Foundation is folding.

The Crowd: Decorative Arts Society celebrates through top-tier table design

In case you fear the absolute loss of elegance and artistry in our world, take heart, there remain pockets of sophistication alive and thriving.

On Theater: Laugh a lot with 'Spamalot'

On Theater: Laugh a lot with 'Spamalot'

There's a fine line between satire and farce, but Monty Python's "Spamalot," closing its brief run this weekend at Golden West College, crosses that line back and forth repeatedly in a deliriously laughable production.

Retail Therapy: ASICS works out big deals

Sprint over: Athletic equipment company ASICS will host its next warehouse sale from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, as well as next weekend, at 15350 Barranca Parkway, Irvine. A wide range of sizes of men's and women's athletic footwear and apparel will be available for up to...

Fitness Files: 3D printers could take transplants to new level

"Read this." My husband handed me the May 2015 Smithsonian.

A Word, Please: Danglers can render a sentence nonsensical

How big a problem is the dreaded dangler? In the real world, maybe not so big.

Carnett: At 15, grandson is ad-libbing a little too much

My 2-year-old grandson, Judah, loves to play with his fire engine, dump truck, ambulance (he calls it a "lamb-eh-lance") and police car.

Apodaca: College choice shouldn't be a name game

The end of the school term is fast approaching and by now the vast majority of Newport-Mesa's high school seniors have solidified their post-graduation plans. Students and parents who have nearly lost their minds during the long and often absurd college admissions drama can finally relax.