A Word, Please: In general, 'affect' is a verb, 'effect' a noun

A user on Twitter asked me recently about the difference between "affect" and "effect." Specifically, she wanted to know which to use in the phrase "the affect/effect of celebrity endorsements."

Community & Clubs: Reading this in print? Thank the pioneers

Each school year, the Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Club underwrites Ben Franklin and his Museum on Wheels to visit several schools around Newport Beach. This creative educational outreach, a program of the International Printing Museum in Carson, makes history and learning come to life for...

City Lights: 'Unforgiven' remake prompts revisit of the Eastwood version

City Lights: 'Unforgiven' remake prompts revisit of the Eastwood version

One of the things I pride myself on is having outgrown best-of lists. When I was a teenager and people asked me to name my favorite movie, though, my quick answer was usually "Unforgiven," the Clint Eastwood Oscar-winner about an aging, widowed gunfighter who mounts the saddle again to hunt down the...

Carnett: What could be better than a visit from the kids

It was spring break last week at the Carnett household in Costa Mesa.

Apodaca: Young moviemakers showcased at Newport festival

Every year around this time the Newport Beach Film Festival brings together open-minded audiences eager for interesting new material with aspiring filmmakers who want their labors of love to be seen and appreciated.

The Harbor Report: Getting prepped for Ensenada race

The Harbor Report: Getting prepped for Ensenada race

The Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race is quickly approaching, and I thought it might be interesting to offer my thoughts on preparing for the race and discuss race strategy.

My Answer: Does gym time mask problems?

Q: My wife gets after me because she says I spend too much time at the gym. I admit I do go there every day for several hours or so after work, but God wants us to take care of our bodies, doesn't he? — M.J.

The God Squad: If it bleeds, it leads? Not for God

Q: I love your column. You're so open, honest and straightforward with your answers. I'm 61 (a widow for 35 years) and was raised Catholic. I watch the news each night and see the weather that's occurring in the U.S., people rioting, etc. I'm scared to death. Is the end of the world coming? How will...

Fitness Files: How do you mend a broken heart? Brush

Master of deceit, my dentist entered the examining room holding a big Zorcaine hypodermic.

A Word, Please: Learning grammar through osmosis isn't always foolproof

We've all done it: You look at something you wrote, then stop and think: "It just doesn't look right."

Apodaca: Initiative aims to reinvent community colleges

I've written frequently about the shift toward matching education with job-market demand, a trend that continues to gain momentum.

Venezia: SPON spawns new mission

Venezia: SPON spawns new mission

Opening my mail the end of March I found a 10-page foldout piece from the city titled "Newport Beach General Plan – a progress report on the general plan use element amendment."

The Harbor Report: Loosening the belt again at boat show

I am writing my column aboard a 757 headed to Miami in an effort to sell a 2009 Tiara 3900 power boat. As I review the boat's specification sheet, in preparation for the boat's inspections, my mind returns to a few of the observations I noticed around the harbor last week.

The God Squad: Finding connections in Passover and Easter

Passover will be celebrated this year beginning on Monday evening, April 14, with the first Seder — the Passover meal. Easter Sunday this year falls on April 20 for all Christian denominations, and although this single Christian date for Easter will not come again until 2017, it's clear that...

My Answer: Bored by the Bible? You shouldn't be

Q: I don't mean to offend you, but I've tried to read the Bible and found it kind of dull. And yet some of my friends find it exciting. What's wrong? Why don't I get anything out of it? — P.D.

Venezia: How candidates act at forum is telling

Venezia: How candidates act at forum is telling

The April 17 Feet to the Fire Forum looks at the race for the 74th Assembly District, which covers parts of Irvine, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods and Costa Mesa.

Fitness Files: An egg a day is healthier than you may realize

It never seemed right, sliding those egg yolks down the disposal. In the back of my mind, I knew it was wrong.

A Word, Please: Just get over the AP style change

It was the tweet that launched a thousand copy editor groans: The Associated Press Stylebook's longtime snubbing of "over" is over.

Community & Clubs: Kudos to the local Kiwanis

Forty-six members of the 99-student Circle K Club of Orange Coast College attended the 60th annual convention of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District of Circle K International in Burbank from March 21 to 23.

Carnett: Reluctant writer marks 5th anniversary

Five years ago this week I became a weekly columnist for the Daily Pilot.

Apodaca: Woman keeps fighting spirit in face of tragedy

Apodaca: Woman keeps fighting spirit in face of tragedy

Frances SaldaƱa is a petite woman with a soft smile and big, kind eyes. But behind her gentle demeanor lies a will of iron that has proved essential to enduring a life of unimaginable tragedy.

The Harbor Report: The birth of springtime events

The Harbor Report: The birth of springtime events

You have to love spring in Newport Harbor, where everything seems to happen all at once.

The God Squad: On factual level, 'Noah' is all wet

Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" is a midrash, not just a movie.

My Answer: The mullings of a mother-in-law

Q: How can I be a good mother-in-law? Our son got married a few months ago, and they live fairly near us. It's hard for me not to call them every day, but I don't want to be an interfering mother-in-law. How can I avoid this but still let them know I care? — Mrs. R.J.

Virgen's View: Going bald for the cause

Virgen's View: Going bald for the cause

When I stop by The Harp Inn in Costa Mesa, it's usually to unwind or to have a good time. But I was there for a different reason Sunday when the St. Baldrick's Foundation held its special head-shaving event to raise money for children's cancer research.

A Word, Please: Use of initials is driving me crazy (DMC)

People sometimes tell me to tell other people what to do, linguistically that is. I'll get an email saying something like, "It drives me nuts when people say 'Fruit is a healthy snack' instead of 'Fruit is a healthful snack.' Please write a column telling them to stop."