Carnett: Memorable players and an old pal

Does anyone remember a brash young sportswriter by the name of John Sevano, who ruled these pages in the late 1970s?

My Answer: Find God in the doctor's office

Q: My doctor just called to say I need to go back to the radiologist for another X-ray, because something suspicious showed up on the first one. But I can't face going back. I'm so frightened that I might have breast cancer. I know that's stupid, but I can't help it. Why is God doing this to me? &#...

Apodaca: Some very different takes on parenting

Parenting fads come and go. In the past few years alone, we've been introduced to the ferociously competitive Tiger Mom, sophisticated and confident French mothers, and the naturalistic techniques of "Attachment Parenting," among others.

The God Squad: With prayer, unanswered doesn't mean unheard

Q: I have a job where I'm exposed to much sadness. I do everything I can to alleviate the darkness which surrounds so many of my patients and families, but often I feel helpless that I can't do more, so I pray for them.

Senior musicians out of restaurant home for third time in three years

When Landmark Restaurant served its last customers in May, Corona del Mar residents lost a restaurant, at least until El Cholo opens in the fall.

The Harbor Report: New commission gets its feet wet

This week, I attended our Harbor Commission meeting, and for the first time in the years that I have attended these meetings, all the faces of the commission had changed.

From the Boathouse: Using muscle to fight invasive mussels

Ahoy, and do not give invasive mussels a free ride!

Venezia: Candidates' websites lack ideas, specifics too [Corrected]

Venezia: Candidates' websites lack ideas, specifics too [Corrected]

After I wrote about where the new crop of Newport Beach council candidates stood on the city's controversial efforts to update the land-use element to the general plan, readers complained that the...

Reel Critics: Don't bother rewinding this 'Tape'

Given its bawdy premise and R rating, you might think "Sex Tape" would deliver naked humor and raucous laughter.

The Crowd: Honoring the leaders of business and arts

The Crowd: Honoring the leaders of business and arts

One of Orange County's most dynamic and capable women retired a few years ago after leading an organization known as the Orange County Business Committee for the Arts for some two decades.

Fitness Files: Finding a purpose can improve mind and body

Sweethearts since high school, my friend Mitzi and her husband, Jack, a retired dentist, have been married 55 years. They've raised two children, who honored them with three grandkids.

Carnett: An aloha retirement: Out with ties, in with Spooners

I figure rather prominently on my wife, Hedy's, list of life's absolute essentials.

Friends of the Libraries: Get your education at the library

A better-educated society tends to be more comfortable financially. So it was no surprise to see the report on voter turnout in last Sunday's Orange County Register — although voter turnout was not my main interest.

A Word, Please: You learn something new every day

It's not every day that I pick on others' language errors.

Apodaca: Danger of anti-immunization movement is real

It's always dismaying when seemingly rational, intelligent people make incomprehensible decisions.

The Harbor Report: Spreading the word on sea conservation

This week, I journeyed into the upper bay, known to most of us as the Back Bay, to visit with Michelle Clemente, our city's marine protection and education supervisor.

From the Boathouse: An exciting Flight by any name

Ahoy and the Flight of the Lasers in Newport Harbor!

The God Squad: Ah, look at all the lonely people

Q: I notice that organized religion is aimed at families and married couples. It seems as if children are an integral part of the church, and people with children are provided with many more opportunities to interact with each other than childless people.

Corona del Mar Today: D.A. reviews girl's fall from prom bus

The California Highway Patrol has completed its investigation of a June 7 incident in which a Corona del Mar High School student fell onto the 73 Freeway from a party bus headed to prom, a spokesman confirmed.

My Answer: A few evangelists don't spoil the bunch

Q: I think all you evangelists are just in it for the money. I watch some of you on TV occasionally, and all you do is ask for money. Religion is just a fraud as far as I'm concerned. Why should I listen to any of you? — A.L.

Check It Out: A full count of baseball books

With the recent conclusion of the World Cup, the Los Angeles Kings hoisting the Stanley Cup for the second time and the San Antonio Spurs winning their fifth NBA title, the eyes of many American sports fans can now return to the beloved national pastime, baseball. The Newport Beach Public Library...

Barbara's Bits and Bites - Il Barone & Antonello will speak your language

Barbara's Bits and Bites - Il Barone & Antonello will speak your language

I'm taking a much-needed break from writing about politics this week to focus on food.

Fitness Files: Pushing pills for profit, not health

"Stay out of my bedroom!" I yell at the TV set, as an ad suggests another erectile dysfunction helper.

Reel Critics: 'Apes' gets boost from technology

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" in 2011 gave the old franchise a much-needed upgrade and a major shot of adrenaline. The motion-capture technology used in the new "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" takes the project to whole new level. It renders believable the physical actions, emotions and...

Carnett: Ghosts of a life gone by

I recently spent time looking through a family photo album created for me by my daughter Jenn.

The Crowd: Writing the book on cystic fibrosis

As some 425 guests arrived at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa, they entered the ballroom to find a handsome gold-covered and perfectly bound book at each table place setting.

City Lights: Peter Noone is into something good

City Lights: Peter Noone is into something good

"It's not easy being a Herman."

Apodaca: A sorry state for apologies

Elton John lamented in song that "sorry seems to be the hardest word."

My Answer: God keeps an eye on gluttony

Q: Every time my son visits me, he gets after me about my weight. I admit I'm on the heavy side, but I don't see what difference it makes since I'm happy and I don't have any health problems. After all, the Bible doesn't say anything about this.