Apodaca: Parents find new way to embarrass kids

The Internet has given us many positive advancements, not the least of which is that I'm able to find the perfect pair of espadrilles when it's 2 a.m. and I can't sleep.

Corona del Mar Today: While parents are at Neighborhood Watch meeting, girl calls police

A Shore Cliffs couple were attending a Neighborhood Watch meeting on Wednesday evening, learning from police about recent burglaries and other crimes in the neighborhood.

A Word, Please: A more complete story about sentence fragments

A Word, Please: A more complete story about sentence fragments

When I was a kid, the “Do as I say, not as I do” school of parenting reigned supreme. Those adults lecturing children on the dangers of smoking? Smokers, one and all.

Barbara's Bits & Bites:

Barbara's Bits & Bites:

It's been a while since I've written a Barbara's Bits & Bites food column, but that doesn't mean I haven't been out and about discovering and rediscovering fun places to eat.

The Crowd: Soiree brings French Quarter to Samueli

The Crowd: Soiree brings French Quarter to Samueli

The Orange County crowd was treated to a summer night in the New Orleans French Quarter by the Philharmonic Society. Organizers billed the gala fundraising evening as a Night On Bourbon Street, and it was created around the Grammy Award-nominated big band sound of the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz...

Fitness Files: Swollen finger traced to yucky origin

Sally showed up at our weekly hike holding her index finger in the air. Look at this, she said.

The God Squad: Letting go of guilt is to admit you're flawed but redeemable

Q: Grace says I'm forgiven for my sins because of the perfect and finished work of Christ. I believe this. I am saved not because of my own goodness or efforts, but in spite of myself, based entirely on the goodness and mercy of God. Also, according to my faith, grace should provide freedom...

Carnett: Pearl S. Buck even more profound today

I first became aware of her work in 1961 as a Costa Mesa High School senior.

Apodaca: Educational equality has big economic component

UC Irvine professor Greg J. Duncan has devoted his career to answering some of the most critical questions facing our society today:

Venezia: A peek into presidential politics

Earlier this summer, I found myself at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas among about 2,000 delegates attending the National Organization of Latino Elected Officials convention, or NOLEO.

Venezia: Pot: a politically unifying topic?

A Cannabis Chamber of Commerce?

A Word, Please: Writers who use semicolons aren't thinking about the reader

Here's a fun thing you can do with your writing: Take any two simple, clear sentences and use a semicolon to mush them into one. For example, imagine you have a paragraph with just two sentences.

The Crowd: Luncheon focuses on future of foster youth

The Crowd: Luncheon focuses on future of foster youth

The Resort at Pelican Hill welcomed the 11th annual 44 Women for Children luncheon raising funds to support college education for OC foster youth. Presented by the Orangewood Children's Foundation, the umbrella under which 44 Women for Children operates, the sold-out event was chaired by the dynamic...

Fitness Files: Grateful for small steps toward being pain-free

I'm a reader who likes a story with a good ending, an epilogue and then to top it all off, an interview with the author.

The God Squad: You don't need a psychic to trust in life after death

Q: My sister-in-law recently visited a psychic. I lost my daughter three years ago, at age 43. I lost my son when he was 3 days old, over 46 years ago. The psychic said my daughter and son were together in heaven, which made me very happy. My question is: Can a person grow older...

Carnett: Mesa deserves more than sidekick status

I am, (ahem!), prepared to own up to it. Finally.

Apodaca: Affordable world-class education shouldn't only be in California's past

If you caught the recent news that a smaller share of California residents were accepted as UC undergraduates this year, while the number of foreign and out-of-state admissions continued to rise, you likely were dismayed, even angry.

Venezia: Resignation is unlikely in Peotter mess; that leaves recall

Councilman Scott Peotter's comments opposing gay marriage are causing the biggest stir in Newport Beach since former Councilman Dick Nichols infamously stuck his foot in his mouth 12 years ago.

The Crowd: OC business community honors two of their own

The Crowd: OC business community honors two of their own

The Segerstrom Center for the Arts rallied the Orange County business community for the second annual Arts and Business Leadership Awards during a recent midweek dinner and ceremony.

Fitness Files: Little sister scores a victory over illness

I have to stop everything and tell about the phone conversation I had two weeks ago with my little sister, Eleanor. She is "little" in a few ways — 10 years my junior and not even 5 feet tall and 88 pounds. She tells people, "Carrie and I look alike, but Carrie's 2 inches bigger everywhere."

The God Squad: Mourners welcome any loving expression of sympathy

Q: Just yesterday, my daughter's friend gave birth to a baby who died immediately. The parents knew about a genetic problem and were medically prepared for this event, but no one is ever prepared emotionally. Other than generic words of comfort, is there a good way to pay respect to little...

Carnett: Another reason not to pick up hitchhikers

While on the East Coast this summer my wife, Hedy, and I picked up a hitchhiker.

The Harbor Report: A Trans Pac 'match race' to remember

The following is the second and last part of Len Bose's retelling of the first Trans Pac raced by Santa Cruz 50s. His story incudes two boats from Newport Beach, Hana Ho for the Balboa Yacht Club and Shandu for the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club/Newport Harbor Yacht Club.

Reader Report: A legacy of shame and terror in Leipzig

LEIPZIG, Germany — From its outward appearance, the stately 102-year-old building in this city's "Mitte," or central district, provides no clues to the roles it played during World War II and the Cold War.