The Crowd: A celebration for higher education

The Crowd: A celebration for higher education

Chapman University's American Celebration has become over its 15-year run Orange County's premiere charitable gala focused on higher education. The black-tie crowd approaching 1,000 patrons in number represents a legitimate "who's who" of the business and social elite dedicated to the enrichment...

Venezia: A car show not to be missed

It's Thanksgiving week, and if you're looking to walk off some of that turkey and have fun, check out the Los Angeles Auto Show at the L.A. Convention Center.

Check It Out: Media Lab awaits your experiments

When the phone rings at the Newport Beach Central Library, I never know what to expect, but I always welcome new challenges and questions.

Letters from the editor: Who should be on the DP 103?

Trick-or-treaters had barely started counting candy when I started getting inquiries about this year's DP 103.

Fitness Files: The right backpacker at the right time

My friend, Cristina, a wildlife biologist, met me at the track the other day.

A Word, Please: Some definitions provide options

Sometimes it seems like grammar is all darned-if-you-do, darned-if-you-don't propositions. If you say "Who are you visiting tomorrow?" some people will look down on you for not using "whom." But if you use "whom," others will think you're out of touch (at best).

Reel Critics: 'Dumber' doesn't equal better

The Farrelly Brothers broke new ground in 1994 with their surprise hit "Dumb and Dumber."

Carnett: Be thankful in the moment

In hindsight, I view it as our family's Gold Standard for Thanksgivings.

Corona del Mar Today: City's charcoal application on hold

The city of Newport Beach's coastal development permit for charcoal-only fire rings is on hold, a city spokeswoman confirmed.

Apodaca: Big Santa is watching you

When the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" was written in 1932, little did Depression-era Americans understand the prescience of the somewhat-creepy warning, "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake."

My Answer: Don't let philandering pastor turn you away from Christ

Q: Our paper ran a story recently about the pastor of one of our local churches who's been forced to resign because he got caught in an extramarital affair. How could this happen? Aren't people like this supposed to be a good example to others? — Mrs. T.B.

The God Squad: Give thanks for those not thanked enough

Every year at Thanksgiving time, I try to put some deeper meaning into the easily generalized list of people and things for which I'm thankful.

The Harbor Report: And the boating awards go to ...

Winter has to be approaching, because I just picked up my collection of Christmas Reyn Spooners from the dry cleaners and received the names of award recipients from around the harbor.

The Crowd: A win for SPIN and its donors

The Crowd: A win for SPIN and its donors

There is an important underlying message intrinsic to the elegant gourmet charity dinner thrown on behalf of the hungry, the homeless, the invisible underclass. That message is in a sense comparable to having a bucket of ice-cold water thrown over one's head.

Reel Critics: The sober side of Stewart

Comedian Jon Stewart skewers our culture and politics on cutting edge broadcasts of "The Daily Show." We expect raucous laughter from his audience. We don't expect that he could move us emotionally by depicting a serious subject taken from real life.

Barbara's Bits & Bites: Mixing food and politics in Costa Mesa

One reason I enjoy this food column is I get to discover and rediscover fun places to eat locally. It also gives me a break from writing about politics, but this week the two crossed paths.

Fitness Files: For health reasons, give gas a pass

In a previous article, I discussed the hygiene hypothesis, which attributes the current prevalence of autoimmune diseases to the antiseptic environment we provide for our children. This means dirt's good. Some dirt.

A Word, Please: Here's an early grammar gift for the holidays

Before you start composing your holiday cards and invitations, here's a cautionary tale for you.

Friends of the Libraries: Libraries can be supporters of the arts

In the Forum page of the Nov. 13 Daily Pilot, just-elected councilwoman Katrina Foley writes about Costa Mesa High School's new performing arts complex as a step forward for the City of the Arts.

Carnett: Men don't cry? Just wait

My pastor preached a sermon recently in which he said it was OK for boys to cry.

The Harbor Report: West Marine will point the way

With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought it would be interesting to walk into West Marine and talk to the different department managers.

The God Squad: Is Bible nonfiction? No, but it's true

Q: Do you really, truly believe that the flood and the creation of Adam and Eve were actual events? Such tales are part of the creationist mythology, which is anti-science and anti-reason. To anybody who doesn't take Christian dogma literally, this sounds like pandering to the literalists,...

My Answer: You won't do your day job in heaven

Q: I used to think heaven was a place of rest, and I've always looked forward to going there. But recently I heard someone say that God has work for us to do in heaven. I'm having a hard time with this because I'm tired of working.

The Crowd: A generous check for Childhelp

The Crowd: A generous check for Childhelp

*This post has been corrected, as noted below.

Corona del Mar Today: Residents meeting to include Ocean Boulevard project update

A repaving and landscaping project planned for Ocean Boulevard in Corona del Mar will be the topic of the next Corona del Mar Residents Assn. board meeting, scheduled for 7:30 a.m. Nov. 20.

Check It Out: Read up on your O.C. history

The Newport Beach Public Library offers a variety of novels and nonfiction books focused on Orange County history. Here are just a few of the books available in the collection.