Carnett: No one covered OC sports like Carl Sawyer

He was a talented sportswriter who could write circles around most of his contemporaries.

Venezia: Monahan cancels wake for man killed in police shooting

I received a message Sunday from Costa Mesa Councilman Gary Monahan, saying he's decided to cancel antique dealer Jay Pinson's memorial event at his restaurant, Skosh Monahan's Irish Pub, originally planned for 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Apodaca: Educated parents should know better and vaccinate

Will those parents who continue to withhold vaccinations for their children now please, please, please wake up?

Corona del Mar Today: 'Guerrilla' sand artist discusses his unique work

An artist who creates masterpieces in the sand at Corona del Mar State Beach said the circles that appeared earlier this month were indeed his work, the last pieces he created before an injury sidelined him.

My Answer: Don't give up on prodigal daughter

Q: Why do some people insist on doing things they know will hurt them? Our daughter just laughs at us when we try to tell her she's going down the wrong road and only hurting herself. It really breaks our hearts. What's wrong with her? — Mrs. G.L.

The God Squad: God may be great — but is he good?

Q: God, we're told, is a loving God. He's not at fault for wars. Wars are created by man, but how does a loving God allow children to be deformed? Why are there hundreds of diseases and so much suffering from these diseases? — B., Levittown, NY

The Harbor Report: Rowing into champion status

While moving around the harbor the other day, I noticed all the different college alumni flags flying from homes and boats and the different stickers on cars passing by.

Reader Report: A little-known Modjeska sea tale

Reader Report: A little-known Modjeska sea tale

There can be no doubt that Helena Modjeska, the fabled Polish-born Shakespearean actress who died 106 years ago at age 68, will forever be immortalized in the harbor area and Southern California.

Venezia: Costa Mesa police supporters plan rally on same day as 'wake'

My last column about the memorial gathering for Jay Pinson planned for 4 p.m. Jan. 28 at Costa Mesa Councilman Gary Monahan's restaurant garnered much interest by readers.

The Crowd: CHOC dinner is the stuff of Legends

Orange County nonprofits are joining the celebrity-infused bandwagon in greater numbers. Having a recognized accomplished talent front the local O.C. gala not only adds flair and excitement to the party, it brings in donations. And sometimes, if not often, the generosity can be mind-blowing —...

Fitness Files: Noise around us has reached harmful levels

Last week, I ran through my neighborhood streets to a cacophony — garbage truck's rattle and squeal, construction project's boom and smack, leaf blower's loud whine, tree trimmer's shrill buzz, lawnmower's drone, diesel engines' rattle, car's hum, motorcycle's peel, passenger jets' distant...

Reel Critics: 'American Sniper' right on target

In Clint Eastwood's Oscar-winning film "Unforgiven," he caused the harsh light of day to shine on Hollywood's romantic notions of the Old West.

Check It Out: Prepare yourself for 2015's movies

The holidays announced the arrival to the big screen of two longtime chart-topping books, "American Sniper" and "Unbroken." This appears destined to be a year of dozens of popular book adaptations. Before watching the films, check out the books they were based on.

A Word, Please: Internet lists can often lead you astray

If you search the Internet for the term "grammar mistakes," you'll get a lot of hits, many of them published lists that school you on the linguistic atrocities people supposedly commit every day.

Venezia: Wake for wanted man is disrespectful to cops

This week I received an email announcement regarding the upcoming memorial gathering for Costa Mesa antiques dealer Jay Pinson at 4 p.m. Jan. 28 at Skosh Monahan's Irish Pub.

Jim Carnett: Don't knock mashed potatoes and Fritos

One of my 8-year-old granddaughters — I have two — and I recently discussed the merits of school cafeteria food.

Apodaca: Study reveals how poverty steals from learning time

Few among us would dispute the notion that students from disadvantaged backgrounds face a steeper climb when it comes to a quality education. Both intuition and evidence tell us that poverty correlates strongly with poorer educational outcomes.

My Answer: You are not powerless over spending

Q: I just added up all the credit card slips from our Christmas spending, and I'm really depressed. It's going to take all year to pay them off. I don't know why I'm writing, but how did we get in this mess? God must be very disappointed in us.

The Harbor Report: Capping off the goals for 2015

In continuing to review our Harbor Commission objectives for 2015, let's look at ways to promote Newport Harbor as a preferred and welcoming destination.

The God Squad: I am Charlie? Not so fast

Q: As an occasional writer, a firm believer in freedom of speech and former editor of my junior high school newspaper, I'm not a race-baiter, an Islamophobe or an anti-Semite. I also don't stand up in a movie theater and shout fire unless there's actually a fire. I think this world already has...

The Crowd: Debutantes have a ball at Hotel Irvine

The Crowd: Debutantes have a ball at Hotel Irvine

It's all about passing the torch from generation to generation. Twenty-five young women were presented to Orange County society at the 54th debutante ball produced by the Newport Chapter of National Charity League Inc. The ceremony took place Nov. 29 over Thanksgiving weekend at the Hotel Irvine.

Friends of the Libraries: Make a pet that won't need feeding

Help make your own tech pet with a 3D printer at the Costa Mesa Technology Library from 1 to 3 p.m. Jan. 17 and 24.

Barbara Venezia: Fired up - and often wrong - on Facebook

During the day I periodically check Facebook.

Fitness Files: A red eye could be a simple blood vessel problem

My dentist is a nice-looking guy, hair parted on the side, regular features and sparkly blue eyes.

Around Town: Karate studio plans fundraising tournament

Bob White's Karate Studio in Costa Mesa will present its 10th annual invitational karate tournament in March.

A Word, Please: Graduate at the top of your class in 'graduated' usage

National Public Radio recently asked listeners to submit their top grammar peeves.

Reel Critics: 'Selma' is a superb depiction of history

Modern cinema is full of fictional comic book heroes fighting fictional villains. They survive wild exploits, but their phony lives are never really in jeopardy. In contrast, "Selma" recreates a tumultuous time in American history when true heroes rose up to fight a very real and terrible evil.

Carnett: For me, there is only one island

As I was growing up on Balboa Island in the late 1940s and early '50s, we never called our slice of heaven Balboa Island.