Apodaca: School district official addresses absenteeism

Calls to more aggressively address what some call a "truancy crisis" in California schools have not been lost on Phil D'Agostino, Newport-Mesa Unified's director of student services.

Corona del Mar Today: Dad, daughter publish book on 'Price of Liberty'

What began as a common theme in a Corona del Mar student's college application essays in 2012 became fodder for a just-published book about the U.S. government and Constitution.

The God Squad: How long have we prayed for the dead?

Q: My husband died in April of this year after a three-year battle with cancer. At the wake, the priest asked us to pray for his soul. Other than, "May he rest in peace," what prayers did he have in mind? In mourning. — C., Melville, NY

My Answer: Faith is answer to marital woes

Q: My husband says he loves me, but all he's really interested in is his job. He always brings work home and often spends weekends working, and no matter how much I get after him, things never change. Is it time for me to move on? — Mrs. K.G.

The Harbor Report: Preparing questions for harbor meeting and cruise

I have written about the Harbor Commission special meeting set for 8:30 a.m. Nov. 15.

The Crowd: Cause in Cabo deserves attention

The Crowd: Cause in Cabo deserves attention

Americans have become somewhat numb to the constant barrage of disasters, natural and manmade, blasted across the media. Sadly, the media seldom follow up on the aftermath. It's on to the next headline.

Fitness Files: A Wonder is worth the workout

We are on vacation, we're hiking Zion National Park's spectacular trails. Two-hundred-million-year-old sandstone shoots up 7,000 feet in sheer cliff and spire, sporting colors of orange, rose, toast, salmon and purple in geometric striation.

Venezia: Campaigns reach the final, weird days

Venezia: Campaigns reach the final, weird days

This week in Newport you can just smell the crazy in the air as Election Day approaches.

Check It Out: Taking time to read about our veterans

On Nov. 11, we honor the brave men and women who have served in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Veterans Day is a chance to reflect on our freedoms and to thank everyone who has fought to keep us free.

A Word, Please: A listicle that spells things out for you

Listicles are all the rage these days, or so young folks tell me.

Virgen's View: A night to celebrate

Virgen's View: A night to celebrate

The Costa Mesa High School Madrigal Choir performed the perfect song Saturday night.

Carnett: Chalk the changes in school in 1950s up to progress

I was a student when the Newport-Mesa Unified School District unveiled what was considered at the time the grandest advance in classroom technology in decades.

Apodaca: Balance of creativity, test scores needed

In 1958, psychologist E. Paul Torrance developed a novel idea for a test, which he and his fellow researchers administered to about 400 Minneapolis children.

My Answer: God is ready for imperfection

Q: If I become a Christian, will I have to be perfect? A friend of mine is urging me to ask Jesus to come into my life, but I don't think I'd ever be able to do what God requires. — P.C.F.

The God Squad: Letting go of anger is our only healthy option

Q: I was raised in the Episcopal Church, and even though a good Christian will forgive someone who's hurt you, I'm having a very difficult time forgiving my ex-husband for all he did to hurt our two daughters. He's never asked for my forgiveness. However, last year, at his stepson's wedding, he...

Venezia: Water district candidate improperly used city seal

On Oct. 14, Newport Beach resident Gary Wykidal, an attorney, sent a letter to Orange County District Atty. Tony Rackauckas and Newport Beach City Atty. Aaron Harp.

Friends of the Libraries: The library will now accept your dreams

"What I want to be when I grow up" is the topic of this year's essay and photography contests sponsored by the Costa Mesa Library Foundation.

The Crowd: A seaside benefit for the ocean

The Crowd: A seaside benefit for the ocean

Some causes are unique to life on the Orange Coast. Protecting and preserving the beach and ocean would surely be at the top of this list.

A Word, Please: Taking a deeper look at the passive voice

Does the passive voice lend itself to biased, manipulative writing? A reader named Richard wanted to know after witnessing a discussion about a news article.

Carnett: It was westward ho! — with U.S. heartland still in the blood

Relatives on my mother's side of the family tend to be as restive as a double shot of espresso.

Reel Critics: Lots of vitality in 'Life'

"The Book of Life" is a rip-roaring animated adventure. Producer Guillermo Del Toro also directed the unconventional fantasy "Pan's Labyrinth," which got Oscar attention in 2006.

Corona del Mary Today: Bus incident will not result in criminal charges

The Orange County district attorney's office has rejected a criminal case against the owner of a party bus that was transporting Corona del Mar High School students when one fell from the moving vehicle onto the 73 toll road.

The God Squad: Treasure holy moments of connection

Q: This question is asked from a contemplative place in my heart after reading your recent column on atonement. Have you ever had a "born again" experience — where you prayed or were in the midst of praying when you actually felt God's presence, love and pardon for your sins and suddenly...

The Harbor Report: Commissioner is leaving his mark on the harbor

This week, I had a chance to catch up with one of my favorite people, active harbor user Paul Blank.

My Answer: Divorcing friend needs someone to lean on

Q: How can I help my friend? She found out recently that her husband has been unfaithful, and now he's moved in with his lover and is filing for divorce. My friend is devastated. How can I encourage her when her future looks so bleak? I feel so inadequate.