Apodaca: A forgettable night on ship provides lasting memories

When I read about the Pilgrim of Newport's recent visit to Newport Harbor, it brought me back to a memorable night spent aboard the 118-foot replica of an 18th-century merchant ship.

Corona del Mar Today: Filming of 'SciGirls' gets underway at Crystal Cove State Park

Corona del Mar Today: Filming of 'SciGirls' gets underway at Crystal Cove State Park

Three girls, all Crystal Cove State Park Junior Guards participants, were recently hanging out at the park, conducting scientific research in the ocean and in university laboratories — all part of filming of a PBS television show that will air in the spring.

From the Boathouse: Stop by Lido for a show

Ahoy, and time for a boat show and a ship celebration!

My Answer: Take survival as sign from God

Q: I escaped with only minor injuries from a bad car wreck a few months ago. Did God have something to do with this, like one of my friends says, or was I just lucky? I've never thought about questions like this before.

The God Squad: When watch stops, does life go on?

Q: In a recent column, you mentioned how the time of death of a man's father showed up on a grandfather's clock when it stopped working several weeks later. I wanted to share a similar story.

The Harbor Report: Calling for comments on story boards

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and yet the harbor is as active as if it were June.

The Crowd: Spreading awareness of children's needs

This is National Child Awareness Month. Every weekend in September, South Coast Plaza will hold events at the retail center in conjunction with the work of multiple charities focused on child welfare in Orange County. The month-long commitment is the brainchild of Festival of Children Foundation,...

Reel Critics: 'Drop' and roll with this thriller

A foolish and poorly planned robbery is a core scene of many offbeat crime dramas. "The Drop" unfolds as a slow-burning thriller based on that premise. The gritty and realistic portrayal of underworld life in Brooklyn is a fitting finale for the "Soprano" talents of the late James Gandolfini.

Barbara's Bits and Bites: Great ramen; frustrating dinette

Barbara's Bits and Bites: Great ramen; frustrating dinette

Though I enjoy writing about the local political scene, I look forward each month to switching gears to discover and rediscover fun places to eat in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.

Check It Out: Reading is in fashion this fall

With fall just around the corner, now is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. Whether you want to polish your image for an upcoming job interview, put together the perfect outfit for a special occasion or update what's in your closet, you'll find plenty of inspiration in these and other...

A Word, Please: The No. 1 reason for numeral inconsistency

A reader named Loretta recently wrote to me after making a very astute observation.

Fitness Files: Feeling hopeful after seeing help for Alzheimer's sufferers

I left my conversation with Lynn feeling melancholy. Had trouble sleeping that night.

Apodaca: Kids can break the code to success

Both Corona del Mar and Newport Harbor high schools now offer Advanced Placement classes in computer science. That's an encouraging sign, given the increasing calls for educational curriculum geared toward the knowledge and skills most in demand in the 21st-century workforce.

Corona del Mar Today: Candidates square off at CdM forum

Seven candidates vying for Newport Beach City Council seats met Thursday morning at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club for a 90-minute candidates' forum sponsored by the Corona del Mar Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee.

From the Boathouse: Not the worst of winter in SoCal

Ahoy! It might be time to winterize your condo on the water!

The God Squad: After 13 years, 9/11 truths linger

I try not to think about 9/11 until it comes around each year. Thinking about it too much is both frightening and numbing to my soul. It's still too big and too evil to sit comfortably among my remembrances of things past.

My Answer: Yes, Satan still has worshippers

Q: Our paper featured a report a few days ago about some people who claim they worship the devil. I thought that went out hundreds of years ago. Are they serious, do you think, or just trying to get attention?

The Harbor Report: To jet-pack, or not to jet-pack

Boats are selling, and the marine industry people around town are moving like it's 2007. That's part of the reason why I was not able to submit a column last week.

Fitness Files: This 'Lost' has a decent finale

After our usual Monday hike, Sally called me to her car.

Reel Critics: Devil music without the edge

The lyrics of Don McLean's "American Pie" ask, "Do you believe in rock and roll? Can music save your mortal soul?"

The Crowd: Make it 51 for South Coast Repertory

The Crowd: Make it 51 for South Coast Repertory

The 2015 social season on the Orange Coast was launched with panache by South Coast Repertory.

City Lights: Cross-cultural director's success means no headlines

City Lights: Cross-cultural director's success means no headlines

Monday morning, I sat in the office of a man who might have already prevented the next Ferguson.

Venezia: From toilet politics to the rarity: kindness and respect

Election time has been called the "silly season," and it certainly is in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.

Friends of the Libraries: The book on public health services

Water, trash pickup and sewers are important functions of public health departments. Yet as long as water continues to run out of the tap when it is turned on, the trash is picked up on a regular basis and the sewers continue to work, sending that not-so-nice stuff away from our homes, we tend to...

A Word, Please: There's nothing truly good about superfluity

A Word, Please: There's nothing truly good about superfluity

In a recent New York Times piece, novelist Zoe Heller wrote about helping her daughter with an English essay. "Try excising the words 'extremely,' 'totally' and 'incredibly,'" Heller suggested. Her daughter did and was "surprised to discover that not only were the intensifiers superfluous, but...

Carnett: 'Grandpa duty' plays out well at the mall

My name is Jim. I'm a mall grandparent.

Steinberg: NFL deserves a penalty for shameful handling of Ray Rice

Steinberg: NFL deserves a penalty for shameful handling of Ray Rice

The NFL has failed in its duty to serve as a shining example of on- and off-field behavior with the handling of Ray Rice allegedly knocking his wife unconscious and dragging her off an elevator earlier this year.

Corona del Mar Today: CdM PTAs chart their course for new school year

The Corona del Mar High School and Middle School PTA groups held a joint meeting last week and discussed changes on campus, the group's home tour fundraiser and more.

Apodaca: Running the gauntlet that is the start of school

It's back-to-school season, an annual event greeted by students with a mixture of excitement, anticipation and dread. Parents too, but in a different way.