Jim Carnett

Jim Carnett
Longtime Costa Mesa resident

Carnett: Enjoying post-fair peace. Is it too early to start worrying about next year?

Things have been rather quiet in my Costa Mesa neighborhood for the past fortnight.

Carnett: The worst of the worst can be redeemed

Kudos for your candor, Mr. Well-Known Crime Boss With a Lengthy Record.

Carnett: The only time I saw my dad cry

I recall seeing my father cry only once.

Carnett: Imagine our giants carrying on in heaven

What will God permit us to take with us into heaven?

Carnett: Pearl S. Buck even more profound today

I first became aware of her work in 1961 as a Costa Mesa High School senior.

Carnett: Mesa deserves more than sidekick status

I am, (ahem!), prepared to own up to it. Finally.

Carnett: Another reason not to pick up hitchhikers

While on the East Coast this summer my wife, Hedy, and I picked up a hitchhiker.

Carnett: Do you have fleeting moments of bliss?

Have you ever experienced a euphoric, transcendental moment?

Carnett: How poor are they that have not patience for Shakespeare

Perhaps a line from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is appropriate: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Carnett: Summer was a time to put miles on the family car

Connie Francis defined it like no other.

Carnett: Living the academic life in OCC dorms? A distinct possibility

It seems that a recent Orange County Register article reports that on-campus student housing could be in the offing at Orange Coast...

Carnett: College success can come late to a family

I pause to reflect this commencement season on the fact that I was the first member of my family to earn a college degree.

Carnett: Circuitous path to my religious core

The news media were all agog last week.

Carnett: A new reason to down high-octane java

A cup of morning joe is to this writer what a bottle of oxygen must have been to a U-2 jet jockey.

Carnett: At 15, grandson is ad-libbing a little too much

My 2-year-old grandson, Judah, loves to play with his fire engine, dump truck, ambulance (he calls it a "lamb-eh-lance") and police car.

Carnett: Drummer in the park gets my mind wandering

I have a friend who's a drummer –- a really, really good drummer.

Carnett: 60 years later, LeBard Stadium still precious to community

In my view, it's the most elegant structure in Costa Mesa.

Carnett: Life has been good in the nine years since diagnosis

Nine years ago this spring I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Carnett: We may be specks in the cosmos but are never alone

We Christians view Holy Week as a time for self-examination and contemplation.

Carnett: Ability to log so many transcontinental miles is a tribute to engineering

I've reviewed the data, and the numbers are interesting.

Carnett: These guys brought military precision to OCC

Their given names were Randall, Norbert and Walter, but no one ever called them that.

Carnett: You might say the students had a lick of talent

Whenever I'm asked where I went to secondary school, I'm tempted to say Green Chip High School of Costa Mesa.

Carnett: A little Pentecostal envy: What's wrong with emoting?

I remember summer Sunday evenings spent hiding in the bushes outside a small Pentecostal church on Costa Mesa's Eastside.

Carnett: Out on a limb in this name game

In my family, it's bills, bills and more bills. Or more accurately, Bills.

Carnett: No one covered OC sports like Carl Sawyer

He was a talented sportswriter who could write circles around most of his contemporaries.

Jim Carnett: Don't knock mashed potatoes and Fritos

One of my 8-year-old granddaughters — I have two — and I recently discussed the merits of school cafeteria food.

Carnett: For me, there is only one island

As I was growing up on Balboa Island in the late 1940s and early '50s, we never called our slice of heaven Balboa Island.

Carnett: Don't be so sure of that 'long life'

"I'm in my 60s and have a nice long life ahead of me … lots of plans," says the snooty AARP TV commercial lady.

Carnett: Dislike California? You're just jealous

More than a decade ago my wife, Hedy, and I sat in the Rose Bowl with 100,000 others soaking up a sun-drenched New Year's Day.

Carnett: Nothing wrong with working hard for your education

I recently saw a group of University of California students in a newspaper photo protesting proposed tuition hikes.

Carnett: You shop, I'll listen to Beethoven

When given the choice, we humans select pleasure over pain almost every time.

Carnett: Be thankful in the moment

In hindsight, I view it as our family's Gold Standard for Thanksgivings.

Carnett: Men don't cry? Just wait

My pastor preached a sermon recently in which he said it was OK for boys to cry.

Carnett: Chalk the changes in school in 1950s up to progress

I was a student when the Newport-Mesa Unified School District unveiled what was considered at the time the grandest advance in classroom...

Carnett: It was westward ho! — with U.S. heartland still in the blood

Relatives on my mother's side of the family tend to be as restive as a double shot of espresso.

Carnett: Seeing my lost son in children who came after

Though I hadn't thought about it in decades, I remember it as if it were yesterday. It's a moment frozen in time.

Carnett: Everlasting love for Dodgers ran its course

The Dodgers had hoped to make a deep run into postseason play this year.

Carnett: Ah, the spectacle of fall — elsewhere, of course

It was a glorious early September morning.

Carnett: 'Grandpa duty' plays out well at the mall

My name is Jim. I'm a mall grandparent.

Carnett: These class acts are the only celebrities I care about

I don't give a moldy fig for celebrities.

Carnett: 'O Canada,' you're my second home

Newport Beach, Orange Coast College, Canada, Vancouver Island, Victoria, the Canadian Rockies, Calgary, Montréal, Quebec, New...

Carnett: Living with what Parkinson's takes can be painful

Parkinson's disease slows a person down.

With Jesus, pain is not hopelessness

"No pain, no gain" was my basic-training drill sergeant's favorite expression during arduous Army workouts.

Carnett: Memorable players and an old pal

Does anyone remember a brash young sportswriter by the name of John Sevano, who ruled these pages in the late 1970s?