Jim Carnett

Jim Carnett
Longtime Costa Mesa resident

Carnett: Nothing wrong with working hard for your education

I recently saw a group of University of California students in a newspaper photo protesting proposed tuition hikes.

Carnett: You shop, I'll listen to Beethoven

When given the choice, we humans select pleasure over pain almost every time.

Carnett: Be thankful in the moment

In hindsight, I view it as our family's Gold Standard for Thanksgivings.

Carnett: Men don't cry? Just wait

My pastor preached a sermon recently in which he said it was OK for boys to cry.

Carnett: Chalk the changes in school in 1950s up to progress

I was a student when the Newport-Mesa Unified School District unveiled what was considered at the time the grandest advance in classroom...

Carnett: It was westward ho! — with U.S. heartland still in the blood

Relatives on my mother's side of the family tend to be as restive as a double shot of espresso.

Carnett: Seeing my lost son in children who came after

Though I hadn't thought about it in decades, I remember it as if it were yesterday. It's a moment frozen in time.

Carnett: Everlasting love for Dodgers ran its course

The Dodgers had hoped to make a deep run into postseason play this year.

Carnett: Ah, the spectacle of fall — elsewhere, of course

It was a glorious early September morning.

Carnett: 'Grandpa duty' plays out well at the mall

My name is Jim. I'm a mall grandparent.

Carnett: These class acts are the only celebrities I care about

I don't give a moldy fig for celebrities.

Carnett: 'O Canada,' you're my second home

Newport Beach, Orange Coast College, Canada, Vancouver Island, Victoria, the Canadian Rockies, Calgary, Montréal, Quebec, New...

Carnett: Living with what Parkinson's takes can be painful

Parkinson's disease slows a person down.

With Jesus, pain is not hopelessness

"No pain, no gain" was my basic-training drill sergeant's favorite expression during arduous Army workouts.

Carnett: Memorable players and an old pal

Does anyone remember a brash young sportswriter by the name of John Sevano, who ruled these pages in the late 1970s?

Carnett: An aloha retirement: Out with ties, in with Spooners

I figure rather prominently on my wife, Hedy's, list of life's absolute essentials.

Carnett: Thelma was a first-rate 'first sergeant'

I'm pretty sure she was the first person with Parkinson's disease I ever met.

Carnett: Wake up to the glory of nature

The scenery was stunning, but he hardly noticed. His mug was stuck in a pulp novel.

Carnett: It's nice to see Marines drawn to church

Four impressive young men slipped into the row in front of my wife and me at church a couple of weeks ago.

Carnett: With grandkids came a love of soccer

I came to The Beautiful Game — futbol — rather late in life.

Carnett: 'Crazy lady' was eye-opener for 9-year-old

She hadn't crossed my mind in decades: the Mad Woman of Costa Mesa.

Carnett: A day of reverence at Omaha Beach

I walked 20 paces into the sea, turned around and looked back at the beach, Omaha Beach.

Carnett: Grand Canyon was worth the wait

Except for time spent in the military, I've lived all 69 of my years in Orange County.

Carnett: Parkinson's isn't the end of the line

Irish musician Shay Healy is candid when it comes to discussing the illness that has robbed him of his golden years.

Carnett: Marking the passage of time my own way

We humans measure our threescore and 10 in disparate ways.

Carnett: What could be better than a visit from the kids

It was spring break last week at the Carnett household in Costa Mesa.

Carnett: Reluctant writer marks 5th anniversary

Five years ago this week I became a weekly columnist for the Daily Pilot.

Carnett: Progress in Parkinson's research gives hope

April is national Parkinson's Awareness Month.

Carnett: Genetic gift that keeps on giving: abundant hair

My 14-year-old grandson, Ethan, called last weekend from his home in North Carolina.

Carnett: Regrets over a friendship that might have been

Did I have a premonition that our lives would somehow intersect?

Carnett: Even our best achievements are seldom timeless

I'm a longtime fan of American musical theater.

Carnett: Baffled by surfacing of a long-forgotten memory

Daily Pilot columnist Patrice Apodaca recently wrote a fascinating column on memory.

Carnett: Mom cries, but the Army beckons

Fifty years ago this month I joined Uncle Sam's Army.

Carnett: A true guiding light from the pulpit

It was one of the most meaningful experiences of my youth.

Carnett: A Super Bowl game for the history books

It was the first football game with the words "Super Bowl" emblazoned on the cover of its printed program.

Carnett: Member of the in-between generation says: What birthday?

It's my birthday this week, and I intend to ignore it.

Carnett: Selfie is nothing new, but the self-absorption is

I took my first — and I'm pretty sure last — "selfie" in the summer of 1964.

Carnett: Giles T. Brown leaves quite a void

Carnett: Giles T. Brown leaves quite a void

Newport-Mesa has lost a bellwether and an icon.

Carnett: Remembering the venerable Stars and Stripes

I don't suppose one can expect Stars and Stripes forever.

Carnett: That little babe in the manger is actually the king

Christmas is about the babe in the manger.

Carnett: Presenting her case to Santa

I sat with my 7-year-old granddaughter, Eva, the other day as she wrote her 2013 Christmas letter to Santa.

Carnett: Former students liked dorm life at OCC

Will student housing be introduced at Orange Coast College in the not-too-distant future?

Carnett: Army cooked up great Thanksgivings

I have an Irish friend who considers Thanksgiving to be the best of America's holidays.

Carnett: We were changed by events of Nov. 22, 1963

It was one of the most shocking and appalling historical events of my lifetime.