Commentary: The mysteries of the U.S. Mail belong in a book

I've always loved a mystery, from the time I first read Nancy Drew as a little girl.

Commentary: A spiritual answer to fluctuating health advice

How can we determine what is good or detrimental to our health?

Commentary: Paying teachers more would reduce pending shortage

Every so often, like the reemergence of El Niño, the topic of a teaching shortage reappears on op-ed pages and talk radio.

Commentary: Kids should thank their parents for their sacrifices

I recently overheard a young teenager complain about having to walk to school two miles (gasp).

Commentaries: Opposing views from police union, councilmen on lawsuit

Editor's note: The Costa Mesa Police Assn. and the legal counsel for Mayor Steve Mensinger and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer recently released statements concerning their litigation. Righeimer and Mensinger are suing the association as individuals over alleged actions by two private...

Commentary: FAA's `NextGen' plan is bad for Newport Beach

The city of Newport Beach was grateful to join the County of Orange and our community partners just about a year ago in announcing the extension and amendment of the John Wayne Airport (JWA) settlement agreement.

Commentary: State should use Fairview Center for disabled veterans

Fairview Developmental Center, a 114-acre, state-owned facility along Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa, now houses only about 263 disabled individuals, down from around 2,700 in its heyday in the 1960s.

Commentary: Staving off society's collective breakdown

Mental disorder is not always that easy to identify.

Mailbag: Here's my case for developing Banning Ranch

For the last several years, the Banning Ranch Conservancy has attempted to convince the public that Banning Ranch should not be developed primarily because they claim it would be damaging to valuable environmental resources.


From the Boathouse: Lobster season is upon us

Ahoy, and once again, let the bug hunting begin.

The Crowd: ExploOcean takes to the water

 The boat christened ExplorOcean set out on its maiden voyage on the main channel of the Newport Harbor on Sept. 16, launched from the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach.

Venezia: Proposition would impact many Newport homeowners

With the 2016 elections around the corner, all kinds of state initiative supporters are busy gathering the 585,880 valid registered voter signatures required to qualify for the ballot by March 21.

A Word, Please: Misplaced prepositions can be a comedy of errors

According to language legend, a classified ad once made this intriguing offer: Antique desk suitable for lady with thick legs and large drawers.

Carnett: Transistor radio played memories in the making

My parents gave me a transistor radio when I was 13. The year was 1958, and I was stoked!


Editorial: City should air Eastside debate

Costa Mesa City Hall recently decided not to broadcast the Oct. 2 political forum sponsored by the Eastside Costa Mesa Neighbors' Group. The city's election counsel had concerns about dedicating public funds and city staff time toward political events or activities.

Orange County toll road blues

Like many other toll roads across the nation, those in Orange County have gone cashless. Motorists who aren't equipped with a transponder are supposed to set up an online credit card account with the Transportation Corridor Agencies — their license plates are read automatically and their...

Editorial: Adams fence is a necessary evil

The school board recently made one of those unpopular but necessary decisions of the post-Isla Vista, post-Sandy Hook, post-Fort Hood, post-Aurora, post-Virginia Tech, post-Littleton, post-etc. world.

Editorial: David Stiller set a good example

Community service isn't what it used to be. You sign up for a city committee these days and you're met with brickbats and backhands, critiques and criticism, not to mention marathon meetings. Sometimes you deserve the criticism, sometimes you don't.

Editorial: You should have 'good cause' to carry a gun

As you've likely read, the Orange County Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to hire 15 retired sheriff's deputies to process an increase in applications for concealed-weapons permits. They did this in response to a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that will allow more people to carry guns...

Editorial: Cheating scandal exposes unrealistic expectations

The alleged cheating scandal at Corona del Mar High School is an interesting case study in how students in one of the county's top-performing high schools responded to intense pressure to succeed. We're talking about a world where some children feel like their lives are over if they don't gain...

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