Commentary: Budget process isn't perfect, but council has a record of fiscal responsibility

The Newport Beach City Council this week approved a budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1. The vote was 4 to 3, with Councilmen Scott Peotter, Kevin Muldoon and Duffy Duffield opposed.

Commentary: Reflecting on substitute teaching experience

My one stint as a long-term substitute teacher was over a decade ago, but I still wonder about the children in that class and think about the lessons I learned with them. I'm sure I learned more from them than they did from me in those six weeks.

Mailbag: Senator's vote on vaccines was well-considered

Re. "Moorlach puzzles with vote against vaccinations," (May 18):

Commentary: Another way to look at the water crisis

By now, you've heard about the water crisis throughout California. For many reasons, our water supply is simply too low.

Commentary: Don't just hang up a flag; help the veterans

I am sure veterans had to sleep on the side of the road during combat. Who would have thought they'd have to do the same back in their hometown?

Commentary: Costa Mesa needs to revamp its dog park

As the years go by, Costa Mesa is becoming less pet-friendly, especially for cats and small dogs.

Commentary: Irvine should preserve its living-wage ordinance

In Irvine, American's safest, greenest and a "best-managed" city, the conservative City Council majority will vote on whether to repeal the city's living-wage ordinance, passed in 2007.

Mailbag: Politicians, police, community need our prayers

In my opinion, our city governments need to start with mutual appreciation, not vicious personal attacks, on either side. I vote for wisdom, economy and brotherly love.


The Crowd: A boost for Big Brothers Big Sisters

In the realm of charity, there can be no substitute for the positive response to personal, one-on-one interaction between those in need and those who serve.

Venezia: Overcoming the complexities of digital death

Facebook and LinkedIn often suggest people to connect with.

The God Squad: Jews are justifiably worried about their declining numbers

Q: What's the big deal about marrying "in the faith" with Jews? Furthermore, why does being born into a particular faith impose a duty to preserve the traditions of the religion? I was raised as a Methodist but feel no obligation to advance the mythologies on which Methodism is...

Carnett: College success can come late to a family

I pause to reflect this commencement season on the fact that I was the first member of my family to earn a college degree.

Apodaca: These allegations are not past their sell-by date

Sometimes while digging through my refrigerator I come across an iffy artifact past its sell-by date. If it doesn't pass the smell test, into the trash it goes.

The Harbor Report: Proud Bird is classy and smart

Last year I ran out of time to complete my annual story on Newport Beach's 20 most interesting boats. I came up with the idea of blending our interesting boats into my column throughout the year. Now that the year is almost at the halfway point, I decided I had better get started.


Editorial: City should air Eastside debate

Costa Mesa City Hall recently decided not to broadcast the Oct. 2 political forum sponsored by the Eastside Costa Mesa Neighbors' Group. The city's election counsel had concerns about dedicating public funds and city staff time toward political events or activities.

Orange County toll road blues

Like many other toll roads across the nation, those in Orange County have gone cashless. Motorists who aren't equipped with a transponder are supposed to set up an online credit card account with the Transportation Corridor Agencies — their license plates are read automatically and their...

Editorial: Adams fence is a necessary evil

The school board recently made one of those unpopular but necessary decisions of the post-Isla Vista, post-Sandy Hook, post-Fort Hood, post-Aurora, post-Virginia Tech, post-Littleton, post-etc. world.

Editorial: David Stiller set a good example

Community service isn't what it used to be. You sign up for a city committee these days and you're met with brickbats and backhands, critiques and criticism, not to mention marathon meetings. Sometimes you deserve the criticism, sometimes you don't.

Editorial: You should have 'good cause' to carry a gun

As you've likely read, the Orange County Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to hire 15 retired sheriff's deputies to process an increase in applications for concealed-weapons permits. They did this in response to a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that will allow more people to carry guns...

Editorial: Cheating scandal exposes unrealistic expectations

The alleged cheating scandal at Corona del Mar High School is an interesting case study in how students in one of the county's top-performing high schools responded to intense pressure to succeed. We're talking about a world where some children feel like their lives are over if they don't gain...

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