Commentary: The helping hand of Costa Mesa code enforcement

I just had a run-in with Costa Mesa City Code Enforcement, and to my surprise, the encounter was quite pleasant.

Mailbag: Protect the rabbit statues from the City Council

We would like to defend the bunny rabbits in civic center park.

Commentary: Thank you to those who helped me win office

I'm sitting in the airport and I have a few minutes before I need to catch my flight home from my first couple of days in Sacramento as an Assembly member-elect.

Mailbag: Meet someone who likes the bunnies — for the joy they provide

Councilman-elect Scott Peotter wants to get rid of Newport Beach's concrete bunnies. He says he's never met anyone who likes them. I would be happy to meet Peotter.

Mailbag: Peotter is wrong to take aim at bunny statues

Councilman-elect Scott Peotter's initial plan upon taking office is to get rid of the concrete bunnies in the upper reaches of the Newport Beach Civic Center park.

Commentary: Preventing illness begins in the produce aisle

*This post has been corrected, as noted below.

Mailbag: Bunnies are set in stone so leave them be

Re. "Councilman-elect Peotter: Newport Civic Center 'bunnies' should go," I am resting much easier this morning, knowing that my relatives in Newport Beach are in the hands (figuratively)...

Letters from the editor: The dog ate my rationale and worked his way into our hearts

Try and rebuff a child's please-please-please plea for a dog.


Corona del Mar Today: City's charcoal application on hold

The city of Newport Beach's coastal development permit for charcoal-only fire rings is on hold, a city spokeswoman confirmed.

Apodaca: Big Santa is watching you

When the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" was written in 1932, little did Depression-era Americans understand the prescience of the somewhat-creepy warning, "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake."

My Answer: Don't let philandering pastor turn you away from Christ

Q: Our paper ran a story recently about the pastor of one of our local churches who's been forced to resign because he got caught in an extramarital affair. How could this happen? Aren't people like this supposed to be a good example to others? — Mrs. T.B.

The God Squad: Give thanks for those not thanked enough

Every year at Thanksgiving time, I try to put some deeper meaning into the easily generalized list of people and things for which I'm thankful.

The Harbor Report: And the boating awards go to ...

Winter has to be approaching, because I just picked up my collection of Christmas Reyn Spooners from the dry cleaners and received the names of award recipients from around the harbor.


Editorial: City should air Eastside debate

Costa Mesa City Hall recently decided not to broadcast the Oct. 2 political forum sponsored by the Eastside Costa Mesa Neighbors' Group. The city's election counsel had concerns about dedicating public funds and city staff time toward political events or activities.

Orange County toll road blues

Like many other toll roads across the nation, those in Orange County have gone cashless. Motorists who aren't equipped with a transponder are supposed to set up an online credit card account with the Transportation Corridor Agencies — their license plates are read automatically and their...

Editorial: Adams fence is a necessary evil

The school board recently made one of those unpopular but necessary decisions of the post-Isla Vista, post-Sandy Hook, post-Fort Hood, post-Aurora, post-Virginia Tech, post-Littleton, post-etc. world.

Editorial: David Stiller set a good example

Community service isn't what it used to be. You sign up for a city committee these days and you're met with brickbats and backhands, critiques and criticism, not to mention marathon meetings. Sometimes you deserve the criticism, sometimes you don't.

Editorial: You should have 'good cause' to carry a gun

As you've likely read, the Orange County Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to hire 15 retired sheriff's deputies to process an increase in applications for concealed-weapons permits. They did this in response to a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that will allow more people to carry guns...

Editorial: Cheating scandal exposes unrealistic expectations

The alleged cheating scandal at Corona del Mar High School is an interesting case study in how students in one of the county's top-performing high schools responded to intense pressure to succeed. We're talking about a world where some children feel like their lives are over if they don't gain...

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