Commentary: ExplorOcean lease raises questions for Newport

On Nov. 25, I addressed the City Council regarding the lease of Newport Beach land to ExplorOcean. This was the last working session of the old council.

Commentary: The difference between sober homes and treatment facilities

The media, the "rehab" industry and even some attorneys and politicians conflate residential treatment facilities and sober-living homes, though there is a clear distinction between them.

Commentary: Next energy-efficiency duty: Cities must become 'smart'

"Green buildings" are popping up everywhere, California schools are getting more efficient and installers of home solar panels are multiplying.

Commentary: Donating your old stuff means training, jobs for others

Do you know what's lurking in your garage? Under your bed? In your closet?

Commentary: Supreme Court strips retirement account protections

Imagine this: You've worked hard to save money in your individual retirement account (IRA) or 401(k).

Mailbag: Law enforcement employees earn their pensions

Re. "Police chief's pension is near $185,000, Costa Mesa officials say," (Dec. 5): Reporter Jeremiah Dobruck writes of the chief's retirement income and combines it with the salary he will be...

Commentary: How did Team Newport uspet the council status quo?

As an opinion columnist, I have found the four years of outgoing Mayor Rush Hill's council service very interesting, especially how it ended.

Commentary: Providing social services through schools is fiscally prudent

In his column, Brian Crosby ("Commentary: Nanny state in schools lessens education," Nov. 11) doubts the wisdom of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's School Renewal Program. Crosby arrives at...

Commentary: Embrace the meaning of 'together' to make new Newport council work

Election Day is over, and now the honor of helping to govern our great city lies ahead.

Commentary: Lessons from Ferguson inform our police work too

For weeks now, the media have been talking about Ferguson, Mo., and all the rioting, looting and burning of businesses there.


Fitness Files: Making A's (sometimes) in health

Sometimes I daydream about having a coach trained to help me get the most out of this old body.

Reel Critics: This 'Wild' thing is a winner

Reese Witherspoon takes command and control of the screen with the role of her career in "Wild." She delivers an Oscar-worthy performance playing Cheryl Strayed, a woman who hiked a thousand miles to reach personal rebirth and redemption. The story begins with her arduous trek already underway.

The Crowd: No Scrooges at Christmas Carol Ball

Our very own community treasure and lifesaver, Hoag Hospital, welcomed more than 500 local citizens to its 46th annual Christmas Carol Ball.

Venezia: A tasty visit to Orange Coast College

The holiday season is a time for good food and getting together with friends.

Friends of the Libraries: Libraries provide bang for your buck

Some years ago, I was talking to a city official about the need to expand our library space in Costa Mesa. I was told that libraries didn't produce money, so it was hard to get the public to invest in a bond issue. I wish I had known then what I have since learned: that libraries do bring a strong...

A Word, Please: Regular pronouns often a better choice than 'myself' and 'yourself'

Dave in Elkland, Pa., wrote to me recently about pronouns ending in "self" — myself, yourself and so on — and how annoying they can be at times. "'Myself,' in particular, drives me near distraction," he wrote.


Editorial: City should air Eastside debate

Costa Mesa City Hall recently decided not to broadcast the Oct. 2 political forum sponsored by the Eastside Costa Mesa Neighbors' Group. The city's election counsel had concerns about dedicating public funds and city staff time toward political events or activities.

Orange County toll road blues

Like many other toll roads across the nation, those in Orange County have gone cashless. Motorists who aren't equipped with a transponder are supposed to set up an online credit card account with the Transportation Corridor Agencies — their license plates are read automatically and their...

Editorial: Adams fence is a necessary evil

The school board recently made one of those unpopular but necessary decisions of the post-Isla Vista, post-Sandy Hook, post-Fort Hood, post-Aurora, post-Virginia Tech, post-Littleton, post-etc. world.

Editorial: David Stiller set a good example

Community service isn't what it used to be. You sign up for a city committee these days and you're met with brickbats and backhands, critiques and criticism, not to mention marathon meetings. Sometimes you deserve the criticism, sometimes you don't.

Editorial: You should have 'good cause' to carry a gun

As you've likely read, the Orange County Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to hire 15 retired sheriff's deputies to process an increase in applications for concealed-weapons permits. They did this in response to a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that will allow more people to carry guns...

Editorial: Cheating scandal exposes unrealistic expectations

The alleged cheating scandal at Corona del Mar High School is an interesting case study in how students in one of the county's top-performing high schools responded to intense pressure to succeed. We're talking about a world where some children feel like their lives are over if they don't gain...

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