Ralph E. Bernard
April 29, 1929 - May 29, 2014

Ralph E. Bernard

Ralph E. Bernard (June 11, 2014)

Ralph E. Bernard, a longtime resident of the Balboa Peninsula, passed away peacefully at his home on May 29, 2104 at the age of 85. Ralph was born in Pasadena, California on April 29, 1929.

He attend Pasadena High School and was then accepted to his beloved Alma Mater UCLA. As a Bruin, he was a member of the tennis team and a contributor to the team’s first NCAA championship. Ralph was a member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. He remained a lifelong UCLA fan after graduating in 1951.

After graduating, he served in Korea as an intelligence officer in a carrier based Navy fighter squadron. He was awarded the Korea, United Nations and China medals.

After the war he turned to television news writing and productions with RKO’s Channel 9 in Los Angeles. He also wrote teleplays for Studio One and The Rifleman but he yearned to live at the beach where he loved to sail.  Because of the boundless opportunity in Orange County, he left Hollywood and moved to Balboa in 1955. He decided to learn the residential development business and helped start Standard Pacific Corporation. Soon after he went on his own with partner Donald Spengler and started Bretton Homes. Bretton Homes built over three thousand dwellings in Southern California, Utah and Las Vegas.

Ralph was a longtime member of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club, a founder of his beloved Balboa Peninsula Point Racquet Club as well as a board member of Standard Pacific Savings.

Ralph is survived by his wife, Joan, seven children and twenty three grandchildren.

His humor will be missed by all.

In loving celebration of the life of Ralph E. Bernard the family has established a tribute fund at Hoag Hospital Foundation. In lieu of flowers, gifts may be sent to Hoag Hospital Foundation (500 Superior Avenue, Suite 350, Newport Beach, CA 92663) in memory of Ralph Bernard. Gifts will be directed to the Hoag Neurosciences Institute - Parkinson’s Disease Program.

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