Jacob and Brian Baker experiment to see if acid, in this case vinegar, will remove the tarnish on a penny during chemistry lab summer camp put on by Mad Science at Orange Coast College on Friday, July 25. (SCOTT SMELTZER, Daily Pilot / July 25, 2014)

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From observing chemical reactions to experimenting with dry ice, elementary students learned about many aspects of chemistry during a summer camp at Orange Coast College.

The Mad Scientist lab, one of OCC's community education classes, was held last week in the Captain's Table restaurant.

Students ages 7 to 12 completed up to two projects each day of the five day camp. They learned to make items like crystals, sidewalk chalk and slime, and were introduced to the science behind their creations.

The goal of the camp is to teach kids about science in a hands-on way, according to the college's website.

Community education classes run from June through August. To see a list of classes, visit the community education section of the OCC website.

—Hannah Fry