Katie Rosenow, 9, hugs her turkey Gliss after a walk in the livestock pavilions of the OC Fair on Friday. (Don Leach, Daily Pilot / July 18, 2014)

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Orange Acres Backbreakers 4-H Club

Animal: Gliss, a broad-breasted white turkey

Katie waddled over the bird, patting its feathers and struggling to corral it down the hall.

"I just made it up in my mind," she said of the name Gliss. "Like a wind blowing like – Gliiiisss."

Katie said the approximately 25.5-pound animal eats only organic feed.

"She likes to eat tomatoes off my dad's bushes," Katie said. "She's going to be chewy."

The turkey, Katie said, lived in her family's big backyard, with 15 chickens and three other turkeys, though it was the first year the rising fourth-grader could participate in the program.

"The chickens learn to stay away from them," she said. "We had four turkeys, two died."

One, she said, her family called "Curly-Toed Gravy," for her severe crows feet.

"We took her to the butcher four days ago," Katie said. "I got a new bunny because I was crying. My mom was like, 'You want the bunny?' and I'm like, 'Yes.' "