Katie Rosenow, 9, hugs her turkey Gliss after a walk in the livestock pavilions of the OC Fair on Friday. (Don Leach, Daily Pilot / July 18, 2014)

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"We've been blow-drying for about two hours," Adam said. "They come from the washing station, then we dry them."

Adam said it was his second year in the program.

"I've done lambs, taken care of a goat — broilers," he said.

Arianda, who was in her third year, said she hoped to someday become an agriculture teacher.

Her pair of chickens had already been sold to a private buyer for about $100. Her pig, too, had already been sold.

"I just found out yesterday, so I'm sad today," she said.


Student: Sydnee Ragland, 13

Trabuco Trailblazers 4-H Club

Animal: Ash, a market turkey

"Turducken is my brother's turkey," Sydnee said. "The blue ribbon just means they're grade A and can go to auction."

While Ash went into weigh-in about a week ago at about 25.9 pounds, now he's probably about 26 pounds, Sydnee said.

"I've had him since he was four days old, now he's four months," she said.

Sydnee paused to address a man who asked what was wrong with the white bird, sitting on a blanket outside his cage in the airy walkway lined with cooing and gobbling poultry.

"He's taking a nap," she said.

Sydnee continued that Ash could fetch anywhere from $50 to $1,500 at auction. She planned to use the money into buying a calf, or perhaps a lamb or goat.

She said she wasn't sad to see Ash off.

"Because I knew he had to go to auction to get slaughtered," she said. "He'll keep growing until his breast gets so big that he tips over or his legs break."


Student: Katie Rosenow, 9