City of Costa Mesa honors its five local 2012 Olympians

Olympians Sharon Day, April Ross, Jake Gibb and Misty May-Treanor, who were honoroed by the City of Costa Mesa in September, were just some of the local athletes who made the area proud with their performances in London. (STEVEN GEORGES, Daily Pilot / December 25, 2012)

58.) Helen Nenadal: Costa Mesa City Employees Assn. chief.

59.) Scott Poster: Newport fire chief.

60.) Jason Chamness: Costa Mesa police association chief.

61.) Richard Afable: President/CEO, Hoag Hospital.

62.) Rob Barbot: Interim superintendent.

63.) Shannon Santos: Someone Cares Soup Kitchen director.

64.) Karen L. McGlinn: Share Our Selves director.

65.) Jim Mosher: Newport council critic.

66.) Julie Folcik: Former Costa Mesa city clerk.

67.) Greg Ridge: Costa Mesans for Responsible Government.

68.) Kirk McIntosh: Pilot Cup organizer.

69.) Billy Folsom: Costa Mesa city mechanic.

70.) Gordon Bowley: Costa Mesa United president

71.) Allan Roeder: Retired Costa Mesa city manager.

72.) Tim Vasin: Costa Mesa fire association chief.

73.) Evelyn Hart: Former Newport mayor.

74.) Tom Duarte: Costa Mesa city attorney.

75.) Aaron Harp: Newport Beach city attorney

76.) Richard Luehrs: Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce president.

77.) Ed Fawcett: Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce president/CEO.