City of Costa Mesa honors its five local 2012 Olympians

Olympians Sharon Day, April Ross, Jake Gibb and Misty May-Treanor, who were honoroed by the City of Costa Mesa in September, were just some of the local athletes who made the area proud with their performances in London. (STEVEN GEORGES, Daily Pilot / December 25, 2012)

18.) Tony Petros: Newport councilman.

19.) Tom Gazsi: Costa Mesa police chief.

20.) Tom Arnold: Costa Mesa fire chief.

21.) Peter Naghavi: Retiring Costa Mesa administrator.

22.) Eric Bever: Outgoing Costa Mesa mayor.

23.) Allan Mansoor: State assemblyman.

24.) Henry Segerstrom: South Coast Plaza chief.

25.) Donald Bren: Irvine Co. chief.

26.) George Argyros: Newport developer and philanthropist.

27.) Julia Argyros: Newport philanthropist.

28.) Koreen Kutch Johnson: Costa Mesa cheer coach.

29.) Sandy Segerstrom Daniels: South Coast Plaza managing partner.

30.) Anton Segerstrom: South Coast Plaza general manager.

31.) Jennifer Segerstrom: Newport philanthropist.

32.) Elizabeth Segerstrom: Newport philanthropist.

33.) Jay Johnson: Newport police chief.

34.) Jim Fitzpatrick: Costa Mesa Sanitary District board member.

35.) Colin McCarthy: Costa Mesa Planning Commission Chairman.

36.) Leslie Daigle: Newport councilwoman.

37.) Rush Hill: Newport councilman.