City of Costa Mesa honors its five local 2012 Olympians

Olympians Sharon Day, April Ross, Jake Gibb and Misty May-Treanor, who were honoroed by the City of Costa Mesa in September, were just some of the local athletes who made the area proud with their performances in London. (STEVEN GEORGES, Daily Pilot / December 25, 2012)


Women's rowing

Esther Lofgren (Harbor)


Men's indoor volleyball

Brian Thornton (UCI)

David Smith (UCI)


Men's beach volleyball

Jake Gibb (Costa Mesa resident)

Sean Rosenthal (Corona del Mar resident)



Amber Neben (UCI)


Coaches, announcers, and others

Tony Ciarelli (Harbor): Throws for India.

Maryn Ciarelli (Harbor strength coach): May-Treanor's strength coach.

Charlie Buckingham (Harbor) coach for Lasers sailing, Virgin Islands.

Robert Lynn (Harbor coach) U.S. men's water polo assistant.