"The law never says I've got to prove they're geniuses," Murphy replied.

He also alleged that Buffett lied to detectives about a "third man," whom Wozniak later admitted didn't exist.

Wozniak had told investigators that an unknown man accompanied Wozniak and Samuel to the apartment Buffett and Wozniak shared just before Wozniak took Samuel to the theater where he allegedly killed him. Buffett told police she had seen the man in her apartment.

"That is the first lie, this mystery person," Murphy told Makino. "It's the most demonstrative because it's the cleanest. The court knows the guy doesn't exist … and Rachel [Buffett] walks out and tells the exact same lie."

Buffett's attorney, Ajna Sharma-Wilson, said prosecutors would need to prove that her client had knowledge of the crimes and the intent to mislead police.

"Some of her information were lies because [what] Dan told her … were lies," Sharma-Wilson said. "I do believe my client did her best to tell the truth and did her best to put her life back together after these two years."

Makino ultimately found there was enough evidence to move forward, but said it would be a tough case for prosecutors.


Buffet is at 'peace'

Throughout the day, Buffett, dressed in a brown pinstriped suit, her blond hair pushed back by a tortoise-shell headband, sat placidly by her attorney. During recesses, she nestled in between family members.

Before the hearing, Buffett said she looked forward to putting the ordeal behind her.

"I have a peace this is all going to come to an end in good time," she said. "I feel pain for the families, but having them here avoiding eye contact kind of hurts."

But in the hubbub surrounding Buffett's arrest, Kibuishi said it's hard not to feel that Julie's and Samuel's deaths were being overshadowed.

Thursday afternoon during a recess, Kibuishi tearfully remembered her daughter.

Julie was sweet, and popular, she said. She was athletic — a dancer who had attended the Orange County School of the Arts — and interested in fashion. She was born on Valentine's Day.

She made friends easily and was loyal to all of them. She had considered Buffett a friend.

Julie's older brother, Taka Kibuishi, said she had been out to dinner with him while she was exchanging text messages with a man she thought was Samuel.

That evening, Julie had gone over to visit him and his fiancée.

"We gave her a tiara because we wanted her to be a bridesmaid," he said. "When they found her, she was still wearing it."

His mother buried her head in his shoulder, crying and shaking.

"We're not the family that tries to go out and...." Kibuishi said, pausing to collect herself, "No matter how much we address the world, nothing will bring her back."


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