Rachel Buffett (Courtesy of the Buffett family / November 29, 2012)

Police and prosecutors assert Wozniak killed Herr to secure his ATM card. Herr had saved money from his time in the military.

Wozniak remains in Orange County Jail on murder charges. If convicted, he could receive the death penalty.

Buffett faces three felony charges of accessory to murder after the fact. She faces a three-year, eight-month sentence if convicted.


A 'sheltered' Christian

Buffett described herself as a home-schooled, "sheltered" Christian. The Bible passage that speaks to her most is Psalms 23, which begins, "The Lord is my shepherd."

She says she has lost faith in the justice system.

"I was always raised to think the cops were the good guys, and the system was just," she said. "That's another way this has been hard for me."

Her brother, Nathan Buffett of Long Beach, said when his sister was 8, she won a contest for describing why she loved her mother.

Jail has been difficult. She said she has not been given medicine for her anemia.

"[She is a] sweet, innocent type of girl," he said.

While Buffett didn't know either victim well, she described both as "so sweet."

"I still grieve for them," she said, noting that she, too, was deceived by Wozniak.

Buffett said she and Kibuishi planned to take dance classes together. She dabbed at tears collecting in the corners of her eyes when speaking of Kibuishi.

And she describes Wozniak as a master manipulator.

"He fooled everybody so much," she said. "I can't say, 'I'm so stupid for hanging out with him' because he's fooled everyone.'"

She said her arrest made the suffering her family and others have felt after Wozniak's arrest worse.

"It's really sad this whole situation has hurt so many people already," she said. "I count myself lucky to be alive."


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