Rachel Buffett (Courtesy of the Buffett family / November 29, 2012)

"I was in complete denial," she said. "I thought he went temporarily insane. He was the type of guy who would give you the shirt off his back."

Wozniak attempted suicide in jail. Afterward, Buffet said he told her that he'd had a vision of God. A Christian, she continued to visit, suggesting Scriptures he should read. During one of the last times, she brought along a pastor.

Buffett grew wary of her boyfriend. On the phone, Wozniak vacillated between being repentant and acting happy, saying he was entertaining other inmates with shows.

"It sounded like he was having so much fun," Buffett said.

The final straw was when she and Wozniak's best man, who lived out of state, visited Wozniak in jail.

Wozniak's friend expressed dismay that he was visiting his friend at jail instead of attending his wedding.

"Dan made some kind of comment like, 'Oh, it'll happen,'" Buffett said referring to them getting married.

Which alarmed Buffett, who no longer wanted to marry a man accused of murder.

"I'm trying to help this guy in a save-his-soul kind of way," she said of the visits.


Buffet's arrest in H.B.

Police arrested Buffett last month at the Bella Terra shopping center in Huntington Beach.

She lied to authorities about Herr having family problems when they interviewed her following the crimes, according to police and a statement from prosecutors.

"I can't separate where I got that information," she said, adding that she believes someone — she cannot recall whom — told her that Herr didn't get along with his family.

Buffett estimates police interviewed her about the double murder four times.

She said she would have never intentionally told detectives anything false and cannot understand why they think she lied.

Buffett also questioned why police waited more than two years after the murders to arrest her.

"We waited that long basically because we didn't want to prematurely arrest her for accessory and find out she was complicit in the homicides," said Everett, the Costa Mesa police sergeant.

Upon hearing about her interview with the Pilot, Steve Herr questioned one claim Buffett made about his son.

"Sam would not hand over $500, I can tell you that right now," Herr said, adding his son was careful with money. "He would not do that. I know my son."