Christopher Bryan McKenzie (Daily Pilot / December 5, 2012)

One family alleged McKenzie abused their child at least three times — specifically by masturbation or sexual penetration — between November 2009 and November 2011, according to court documents.

Prosecutors declined to reveal the alleged victims' ages, saying only that the crimes took place in Newport and surrounding cities.


Church family copes

Rock Harbor members met Monday night to discuss the allegations against McKenzie, who pastors said had previously been a respected parishioner.

"Chris has many relationships and friends in our church," Proctor said, adding that multiple families approached him in disbelief that McKenzie could have harmed children.

Nevertheless, Proctor repeatedly encouraged parents to contact police if they believe McKenzie behaved in any inappropriate way with their children.

"There is a lot we don't know, and we're doing our best to cooperate with the legal process," Proctor said.

To the room of more than 100 people, pastors gave advice to parents about how to talk to their children about McKenzie and sexual abuse.

"If you feel like there is a good chance something happened … you need to stop right there and call the police," Pastor Doug Berry said.

Proctor also asked congregants to be aware that the charges are only allegations and be mindful of the alleged victims' privacy.

The church has banned McKenzie from child care, but it has not abandoned him completely while he is in custody, pastors said.

Berry asked that a chaplain speak to McKenzie, and Rock Harbor pastors and elders said they will visit him in jail.

"As a pastor and a brother, I care about his soul. And there's a tension in that," Berry said.

— Lauren Williams contributed to this report.

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