Anchor Trailer Port, 1527 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, opened in the 1940s as a recreational vehicle park. Now it houses about 43 spaces for mobile homes, RVs and trailers. Plans are in the works to convert the area to condos. (KEVIN CHANG, Daily Pilot / January 16, 2013)

He owns his home, which he's upgraded since moving in in 1989. His patio used to have an ocean view until Hoag built its parking lot.

After Ellison called his house the "coolest pad around," Quigley laughed and replied, "It's the dustiest, for sure."

For years, though, he's felt the changes to Anchor Trailer Port were imminent, and nowadays, he's not sure at all where he'll live next.

"There's nowhere to move [my home] to," he said. He suspects he'll take the buyout option.

Jeanne McMahon has a double-wide with two bedrooms. One's for her and the other is for her great-grandchildren and cat, Kamper.

Like Quigley, she's a retired Newport-Mesa Unified employee. She was an instructional aide and taught special education. She still helps out from time to time at booster clubs and sporting events, selling tickets, running the snack bar and whatnot.

That's how Councilman Steve Mensinger and Estancia football booster Chuck Perry know her. Both have reached out to help her find new housing.

"She's just a delightful lady, sweet and kind … I'm doing what I'd be doing for anybody who is a friend," Mensinger said.

McMahon has lived at Anchor Trailer Port multiple times for a total of about 15 years, and until it closes, she's going to continue watering the park's front lawn "for fun." They say she's one of the park's green thumbs.

McMahon has Alzheimer's, but feels fortunate that her doctors at Hoag are close by. Shopping is within walking distance, as is her salon. She doesn't drive anymore.

When asked about her future home, she teared up.

"I don't know. I have no idea … I feel uneasy, scared, although I have many, many friends. God has taken care of me."

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