Krom did not completely dismiss Lalloway's proposal to fire the firm. She said it's possible the money could be better spent.

"That's a reasonable conversation for us to have," she said.

But she defended Forde & Mollrich and Townsend saying the two have been instrumental in raising the park's visibility and securing major events such as the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon scheduled in the park for October.

Lalloway has long contended that the contracts are bloated with waste and unneeded overlapping services.

"Many of the things that they do perform, the city of Irvine can do just as well if not better," he said.

Newport Beach resident James "Walkie" Ray, a well-known developer, is vice chairman of the Great Park Corp. board. As one of the at-large directors, he will likely lose his seat after Tuesday's vote.

Contacted Friday, he was disappointed at the possibility, but he said that decisions is the new majority's prerogative after November's election.

"I think everyone kind of expected there would be some significant changes," he said.

Cutting consultants is an easy target for cost savings, one he could sympathize with, he said. And his opinion on the audit: "Go for it."

He cautioned the majority, though, against being overzealous with its newfound power over the massive project.

"My only hope is that they don't throw out the baby with the bathwater," he said.

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