Zach Galifianakis and Zeke Kendall at UCLA's Intensive Care Unit. (Courtesy UCLA Medical Center, Daily Pilot / December 31, 2012)

"It's been — the hospital's been phenomenal, they're a great group of people," Dusty Kendall said. "It's just trying to cope with being in a hospital 24/7."

Furthermore, a heart transplant, plus up to $1,500 worth of anti-rejection medication each month for the rest of Kendall's life, is an expensive prospect.

"A lot of people don't realize this, but donor hearts only last about 15 years," Dusty Kendall said. "We're trying to get him to where it'll be a reasonable burden financially."

With the help of the Bloomington, Ind.-based Children's Organ Transplant Assn., Zeke Kendall's family hopes to raise about $150,000 to cover costs.

So far, they've raised $12,399, said Zeke Kendall's sister, Amber Weiser. She said the family plans to hold a silent auction at the Grove in Los Angeles on Feb. 22.

Zeke Kendall said he's not worried about the future.

"I have my moments where it's like, 'Oh no,'" he said. "My general outlook is there's no real point in sitting around and panicking and dwelling on things that could be."

For now, he said, he's mostly looking forward to getting out of the hospital and celebrating the holidays.

"We didn't celebrate anything," he said. "I've told my family we'll whip it all together at a coming home party."

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