Costa Mesa City Council Candidates

Al Melone

Age: 66 

Occupation: Retired certified public accountant

Education: bachelor's, Fordham University; masters, Michigan State University

Top issues: Referendum on fireworks policy; outsourcing of public services; passage of charter

Website: n/a

Steve Mensinger

Age: 50 

Occupation: Real estate management

Education: Attended USC

Top issues: Pension reform, transparency in government, infrastructure investment


Gary Monahan

Age: 52 

Occupation: Restaurateur

Education: Attended California State University Fullerton

Top issues: Budget and pensions; outsourcing and privatization; investment in parks, roads and infrastructure


Colin McCarthy

Age: 36 

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Juris doctorate, Loyola Law School; bachelor's, UCSB

Top issues: Control spending; infrastructure and parks investment; attract families to our city


Harold Weitzberg

Age: 63 

Occupation: Business executive

Education: bachelor's, New York University; master's, Hofstra University; post-graduate, New York University

Top issues: Unity; safety; prosperity


John Stephens

Age: 49 

Occupation: Business attorney

Education: bachelor's, Cal Poly Pomona; juris doctorate, UC Davis

Top issues: Economic growth and new jobs; stop rising property crime; oppose the charter


Sandy Genis

Age: 59 

Occupation: Land planner

Education: bachelor's, Stanford University

Top issues: Protecting public assets; protecting our neighborhoods; clean and open government


Costa Mesa Sanitary District Candidates

Art Perry

Age: 65 

Occupation: director, Costa Mesa Sanitary District

Education: BS, Cal State Fullerton; masters, Pepperdine University

Top issues: Divert more trash from landfills; repair aging sewer system; save taxpayers money


Don Harper

Age: 53

Occupation: Business owner/accountant

Education: BS, Cal State Chico

Top issues: Bid $4.4 million trash contract; refund $5.5 surplus to residents; repeal director health care plan


James Ferryman

Age: 64 

Occupation: director, Costa Mesa Sanitary District

Education: BS, San Jose State University; some grad school

Top issues: Protect district independence; maintain exemplary financial condition; Increase trash diversion rate


Jeff Mathews

Age: 46 

Occupation: Business owner

Education: BA, UC Irvine; MBA, Pepperdine University; JDD, University of Laverne

Top issues: place trash services contract out to competitive bid; end lawsuit between board members; refunding some or all of the $5.5 million in surplus funds


Mesa Consolidated Water District Candidates

Division 1

Fred Bockmiller

Age: 49 

Occupation: Registered professional engineer

Education: bachelor's, California Maritime Academy; leadership and management certificates, UC Irvine

Top issues: providing the highest quality water, from a plentiful, locally-controlled supply, that is affordable over the long term


Eric Bever

Age: 52 

Occupation: Mayor/businessman

Education: bachelor's, California State University Fullerton

Top issues: safety of water supply; diversification of water resources; maximizing district's efficiency

Website:   Eric Bever

Division 2

Dan Worthington

Age: 77 

Occupation: business manufacturer

Education: BA, San Jose State University and University of Puget Sound

Top issues: Lowering water rates, reducing board expenditures

Website: n/a

James Fisler

Age: 61 

Occupation: Realtor and small business owner

Education: Attended UC Irvine

Top issues: providing maximum value to the ratepayer with safe, reliable water in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner


Division 3

Ethan Temianka

Age: 29 

Occupation: real estate and web design

Education: BA, UC Irvine

Top issues: lowering water rates, long-term sustainability, water quality


Trudy Ohlig-Hall

Age: 78 

Occupation: accountant

Education: accountant training in Canada

Top issues: budgetary accuracy and transparency


State Assembly District 74 Candidates

Robert Rush (D)

Age: 56 

Occupation: Business owner/accountant

Education: BA, Upsala College; CPA in CA and NY

Top issues: Return California to fiscal strength; improve education; further protect environment


Allan Mansoor (R)

Age: 48 

Occupation: California Assemblyman

Education: associate's degree from Coastline Community College

Top issues: stop special interests; balance the budget; restore education funding